How Does Google Search App Keep the Fire Burning?

Wayne Bond August 12, 2013 0
How Does Google Search App Keep the Fire Burning?

Google has been a household name for many years now. It is a very famous search engine on the Internet. Two doctors from Stanford University started this widely-use application in 1996. It had its peak during the global boom of the Internet in 2006. It was not the first choice before. There were Yahoo!, MSN, Bing, and a pool more to choose from. However, Google stands out. It has been able to withstand not just the test of time but also the competition among other gigantic companies. There are very obvious reasons on how they maintain their charisma over the others.  

  • Straight Forward Solutions to Problems

This is the very first thing that makes the Google Search App the most favorable. People use search engines to easily find solutions to their problems such as assignments, practical home tips, dating suggestions and much more. Very scientific questions that are answered by one definite solution are found right away. Try searching for works of notable persons, dictionary meaning of words, conversion of units and many more. Answers are seen right away because they are written with a larger font in the first page of the search application. Google also sees to it that there are broad materials for people who are doing their research. It can show up to 100 pages of listing regarding for just one topic. 


  • Very Discreet Advertising Pages

There is no company that will not work without profit. Google does the same and they do it with advertisements. Unlike the other search engines, these ads are not overtly found. They are not found in just about any website you click. The company does so well in sorting out the websites that have more information than advertisements. They make sure that the ads do not look like the main content of the websites. They always put websites that are relevant to the searched keywords at the top of the list. This way, a person finds Google more of a pool of answers rather than a capitalist fishing for profit every time a website is clicked.  

  • Continued Efforts to Improve Services 

Google does not stop at eliminating useless and ads-filled websites. They are the company who came up the invention of the Google Penguin. This is an algorithm that will take out repetitive articles on the list of the searches found. This way, scams and other violation to use of information such as plagiarized works are not shown in the list. They invent their own applications to match the increasing demand for fast and quality information from their users. This is shown on the other applications attached to it such as Google Maps, Images, Talk, Translator, and many more.  Also, they make everything more entertaining without comprising the quality of the search. They teamed up with several well-known sites such as the YouTube to widen the searches. Notice that a search that requires a process commonly has YouTube videos at the top of the list.

All these show how Google exerts the extra effort to get to the top. If not with these, they will be just like the other forgotten search engines.


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