Samsung Joining Smartwatch Revolution Files for Trademark

Sara Cunningham August 7, 2013 0
Samsung Joining Smartwatch Revolution Files for Trademark

While we are still excited about the official information about the Galaxy Note 3 unveiling on September 4, Samsung prepares for the much rumored wrist gadget. Earlier this year, we saw the company’s CEO saying that they were planning to produce a smartwatch that will be running on Android. This came after Apple was in the rumor mill for making efforts into producing its iWatch and entering into the smartwatch market. One thing is for sure though – a very interesting fall is ahead of us.

Samsung’s smartwatch could be already on the horizon getting ready for its launch, according to a trademark filling which prove the existence of this smartwatch. This trademark filling was discovered by the U.S Patent and Trademark office. This confirms that Samsung has an intention for producing this wearable gadget. The filling was listed as Samsung Galaxy Gear and it’s expected this device to upgrade the Galaxy brand line with a new smartdevice.

Can they make it to release this smartwatch before Apple? – Some sources are claiming that Samsung might release it alongside with its Galaxy Note 3 on September 4.

From what we could see on the patent filling, there is a wearable device in a form of a wristwatch. It includes a wristband, which looks like it will be capable for enabling access to the Internet and send/receive phone calls, e-mails and messages. The display will offer few functions and includes speaker, microUSB and power slot. The patent filling includes images which leak the bendable screen, demonstrated several times by the company. We expect few other devices to include this bendable screen technology.


The patent filling doesn’t show whether this gadget will run on Android or any other simpler OS but many sources claimed that if this smartwatch is real then it will run on Android. Why changing the OS that made the devices work perfectly?

Samsung’s Vice President, Lee Young Hee, said that they were preparing this smartwatch for so long and they are working really hard to get it ready. This was reported back in March when Lee was interviewed by Bloomberg. At first sight, this seemed like getting back at Apple for its much rumored iWatch but as we could see, Samsung might release its smartwatch device before Apple.

Although September seems far away, we would wait only a month to discover what Samsung meant under the sentence ‘Note the Date’, but also see if the smartwatch gets unveiled at the very same occasion.

We only need to wait and see if Samsung decides to release this smartwatch at this event or it will leave it for later in order to make it more perfect.

Will Samsung release the Galaxy Gear this month or later this year? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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