Vine Most Downloaded non-gaming App in June

Wayne Bond August 7, 2013 0
Vine Most Downloaded non-gaming App in June

When it comes to applications, games are always on top on every download list. We are seeing the same thing over and over again each month and it was about time some app to change the game. Vine is one of the very few apps that managed to climb on top of Apple’s App Store back in June. This app was launched for iPhone under Twitter’s ownership back in January.

Vine is a video application that lets you shoot short videos, similar to GIFs, and then play it as many times as you want on repeat. It lets you shoot only 6 seconds. This was the first app that let you shoot short videos and let all mobile users make bits of clips and mach them together later on other devices. Instagram followed through and made its own update to its app with a similar offer.

As it seems, people are getting more and more addicted to this application than to any other. It’s doing great for now, as the young world simply loves to shoot and share videos and Vine seems to be the perfect app for that at the moment. This service has beaten Snapchat and YouTube on the road to becoming the most downloaded app on App Store back in June. These results were revealed by App Annie on its app tracker blog site. While Vine was celebrating its amazing performance, Instagram came as fifth most downloaded application for the same month. In May, Instagram held the same spot on this list.


Right behind Vine, YouTube and Snapchat came second and third, respectively, while Google Maps got down 1 spot up, claiming the 4th place. Right below Instagram, there’s the Find My iPhone app on 6th place while Podcasts marks the 7th place. Gmail, Emoji>, and Find My Friends took the 8th, 9th and 10th place. This is the first Top 10 apps that were most downloaded from the App Store for June 2013.

As you can see, there aren’t any official numbers because App Annie doesn’t support them. You can see that Vine had a great month climbing 3 spots up on the leader for becoming the best in June. This leads us to believe that Vine is grabbing more and more users despite its tight competition coming from Instagram. Vine was first released only with iOS support and by June it had 13 million active users. This result was noted right before it arrived on Android. I assume that this number is much higher now.

There are strong rumours floating around about the latest video App about to be released called Pinup who reportedly have developed the latest in  technology for their new App. The  application will let you shoot and share videos longer than others some unique features. We will be reporting Pinup details on it’s release.

Have you tried this application? – Share with us your experience with it and what it needs to be the best at video sharing.

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