Another Smart Addition – Meet the Talking Teddy Bear

Heidi Speare August 7, 2013 1
Another Smart Addition – Meet the Talking Teddy Bear


Let’s do the counting: Smartphones, Smartpads, Smart TVs, Smartwatches, Smartpens and many other smart-gadgets are filling the smart-device market all around the world. This market gets tightened with one more spot as Smart Teddy Bear makes its entry. Teddy Ruxpin will be children’s next favorite toy.

However, while we all think of kids when a teddy bear is mentioned, the company which stands behind this innovation believes that its gadget will be used by adults, as well.

It’s made just like Apple’s personal assistant Siri. Teddy Ruxpin has been created by a company that specializes in robotics in the United Kingdom. This smart teddy bear will be able to talk to you by answering questions, read bedtime stories for your kids and make phone calls. I bet this toy will instantly become the most popular teddy bear among kids and highly desired by each and every one of them – no exceptions. This project still didn’t make its debut because currently is in its fundraising period on Kickstarter.

It seems that Ted the movie was the true inspirations for the toy creators, Karsten Flugge and Ashley Conlan, to make this smart teddy bear. These two have a quite an impressive background with chatbot Al. Back in 2011, they have created Siri’s competition Jeannie which was supported by iOS, Linux, Mac, PC and Android. This toy was described as Jeannie’s baby in physical body.

teddy bear

This teddy bear runs on application that is supported by both Android and iOS. There is a connection on Teddy’s back which enables you to connect your phone device to an audio jack. In order Teddy to respond on your requirements or questions, you will need to open up the app on your phone and Teddy’s built-in microphone will hear you. The interesting part is that it includes robotics that syncs the mouth to its spoken works. The company equipped this smart teddy bear with a microUSB port under its tail which can be used to charge your smartphone while using the toy.

Teddy has a learning ability and could easily learn what you like. According to the company’s post on Kickstarter, there will be several other features which will be developed in the future. At this moment, they were focused on Teddy’s mouth movements. Both developers expect to expand its robotics range and make him move his head, arms and legs.

Expensive as it sounds, this teddy bear won’t cost a fortune. It has a price tag of 42 pounds or $65. This will get your smart teddy bear with free shipping anywhere in the world. Its estimated delivery time is set in December which is the right time before the holidays. I’m predicting a very successful holiday season for the teddy bear toy, if it manages to come out on the market right before the shopping season starts.

If you want to get your own version of this smart teddy bear, go to its Kickstarter official page and help the fundraising.

Will you make the purchase if your kids want this toy? – Share your answers in the comments section bellow.

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