Waterproof Smartphones – Perfect for the Beach

Jasmina Lozevska August 8, 2013 0
Waterproof Smartphones – Perfect for the Beach

During summertime, people tend to make their lives easier and to enjoy hot weather as much as they could. Our roundup of all waterproof phones which are perfect for the beach has the exact purpose – to enable all beach lovers to get the maximum fun while exposed to potential inconveniences.

These waterproof smartphones are a must have for people that love going to the beach. Their dust resistant feature comes as a big bonus, as well. Let’s take it from the top:

1.    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

This smartphone represents one of the several new versions of Samsung’s flagship device. It was released few weeks after the original Galaxy S4 and it runs on Android 4.2.2. Alongside this OS version, the Galaxy S4 Active carries a 5-inch screen with fast processor. It’s upgraded with dustproof and waterproof characteristics and you can take pictures under water. Taking images underwater has become a big hit this summer. You can hold it underwater up to 30 minutes to the depth of a meter.


Be aware that you must check if the back panel is sealed like it should be and the microUSB port is plugged. Numerous complaints said that they bought their Galaxy S4 Active with faulty seals.

2.    Kyocera Hydro Edge

This phone has the same capabilities like its predecessors and like the previously mentioned Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s completely waterproof and dust resistant. It features a 4-inch display and it’s a little bit smaller than the other smartphones in this list. It offers the easiest holding experience of all when dry or wet. This smartphone belongs to the lower end market and it is powered by a weaker processor and camera. Its price, $20 over 2 year contract, corresponds with the features and specs.

kyocera hydro edge

3.    Sony Xperia Z

Sony always knew how to surprise its customers. With the Sony Xperia Z, they offered a completely sealed and fused back panel that hardly slips water. This was released as an answer to the Galaxy S4 Active but when you compare the specs and features you will see that it falls far behind it. It’s offered for $99 down payment at T-Mobile or $560 as a full price. Overall, it isn’t a bad phone equipped with quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. It runs on Android 4.1 JB and has a 5-inch screen.


4.    NEC Terrain

This company is not very known among tech customers but it still offers this smartphone which is fully waterproof. It’s offered by AT&T and for $99 over a contract you will get a phone that can be a great asset for your vacation. It has a QWERTY keyboard and some great talk features. Maybe it looks like the most rugged phone in this list but I can assure you that this is only on paper. What else can you expect for a $99?

nec terrain

There are other phones which can find a place on this list but we decided to share with you these 4 as the best solutions out there. We are leaving for you to share your best “beach phone” in the comments section bellow.

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