Twitter Adds App-based Two-factor Authentication

Heidi Speare August 8, 2013 0
Twitter Adds App-based Two-factor Authentication


Few days ago, we had a report based on Twitter’s security measures. Disturbing tweets have threatened couple of users who wanted to boycott this service. Twitter reacted really quick not letting this boycott happen and we see Twitter’s CEO saying that few updates will come to their security measures. For that occasion, Twitter has launched an update to its mobile application which is based on two-factor authentication.

This new way to authenticate logins will allow all the users to verify their login requests through their Android and iOS mobile apps. This social network has rolled out this authentication back in May for the web platform. Users were able to choose or opt out to get a verification code sent to their mobile phones and verify the login approval on the website. This feature was limited to few mobile carriers.

This follows the app based verification that has been rolled out recently. Users will be able to verify their login approvals without receiving message from the social network. This means that everyone who uses this application will be able to use this two-factor authentication in order to receive increased security measures. Of course, there is an option for users to opt-out of this authentication while logging in to the network through the mobile apps.



If you want to enable this new feature, you will need to go to the “Me” tab in the application, open the settings bar and tap enter the security menu. Right after this, you will need to enable the Login Verification feature right from the screen. From here, the application will generate a code which you will need to write down at some safe place or remember it. This code has an ability to be used when you don’t carry your phone with you.

After this process, you will get the proper notification on your phone that will have an option to approve this login request. By taping on the checkmark the app will automatically log you into Twitter. This move increases Twitter’s accounts security especially for those who are accessing the service through many entry points. It covers bigger number of users and distancing itself from the mobile carriers.

This follows several added options on the apps and web site for flagging the tweets as disturbing and inappropriate. We were wondering when this social network will decide to update its security measures on its mobile apps since the official release of this two-factor authentication.

You can now check for the update notification in your application store.

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