LG Unveiled Its G2 at a New York Event

Sara Cunningham August 8, 2013 0
LG Unveiled Its G2 at a New York Event

“To me you are perfect” was the parole that introduced the new LG G2 to the public today at a New York event. As it was rumored earlier, and confirmed by LG, this company was proud to introduce its super fast and ultra thin device that will take over the smartphone market. It has some powerful and respectful specs and features that every smartphone users will want to test and experience. LG believes that this smartphone will do just great when it will be officially released on the market. The smartphone was released few hours ago and we are offering you a first look of it.

This device became a direct competitor to Samsung Galaxy S4 including a 13-mpix camera that will offer sharp and clear images. It runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and it’s equipped with a really bright 5.2-inch screen with 1080p resolution and 423 ppi. The most surprising addition was the power and volume buttons which are placed on the phone’s back side. Most of the smartphone manufacturers are placing these buttons on the top and right or left side but LG wanted to do something different and unusual.

The G2 became the first smartphone, globally available, that will be boasted by Qualcomm’s exceptionally quick quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.26GHz. This processor will be set to all of their models that will go through all providers. This is another thing that LG made different than its competitors who tend to release different models with different processors meant for different markets. This is a great thing if you think about it because every user around the world will be able to experience the same smartphone without additional fees for getting the better model.


This model represent the first great flagship device coming from LG and as it seems, its future seems bright enough. LG G2 has great ambitions and will be out to challenge its biggest rivals in the Android field and then Apple’s iPhones. It’s still early to tell if LG G2 will be able to get on top of them but it looks really promising. The design looks astonishing and according by some analysts, it looks little bit similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

We’ll get our detailed review when we get our hands on the device. Until then, stay with our latest information about the world wide tech updates.

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