WhatsApp Has 300M Users, New Type of Messaging Announced

Wayne Bond August 8, 2013 0
WhatsApp Has 300M Users, New Type of Messaging Announced

Ever since WhatsApp was released for the public it was accepted as a great tool of mobile messaging. Who didn’t want to send messages for free to their friends overseas? Other messaging platforms of this kind must watch out for it because it’s going strong grabbing users. This mobile messaging platform now has 300+ million active users. This numbers are maybe is not that great but when you see that 2 months ago this app had 250 million active users you might want to think that again.

WhatsApp added 50+ million users in 2 months and processes over 31 billion messages daily. These words came from Jan Koum at a mobile conference held by AllThingsD. He was proud to announce that WhatsApp just surpassed the 300 million active users’ milestone and this app is on the road of becoming the biggest communication platform in this century. Along with this information, he introduced the Voice Messaging which has been added to this application. It will let users communicate on a much easier way by using voice messages. If you got tired from typing messages all the time you can now record the voice message and send it to your friend or family.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform that is supported by Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even Symbian based devices. Right from its start, this app gained strong popularity among the younger customers who have found the best way for sending free texts. Two months ago, the company reported that they have noted 27 billion messages in one day which was record-breaking at that time. Now, according to the latest report, WhatsApp processes 31 billion messages daily. Company’s spokesperson added that they also handle 325 million photos which are sent each day.


Starting Tuesday, WhatsApp will try to place a new path into its messaging. You should receive an update notification which will bring the new push-to-talk messaging. You will be enabled to weave recordings into your conversation thread which is already populated with locations, videos and photos. If you have updated your app version, just hold the microphone icon tapped in order to record a message that automatically will be sent when the icon is released. If you want to say something else and cancel the recording, swipe left and start all over again.

According to the report coming from AllThingsD this feature is expected to hit all users’ phones within a day. Voice messaging service is not new into the service app market. WhatsApp’s nature was sending free texts and now will join Voxer and Facebook which have included this push-to-talk feature earlier. It’s good to see a platform like WhatsApp to introduce new improvements and attract more users to it.

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