New Windows Store Open in West LA by Best Buy

Heidi Speare August 8, 2013 0
New Windows Store Open in West LA by Best Buy


A brand new Windows Store will be open by Best Buy in LA today, August 7. People living in Los Angeles’ West Side will enjoy the handful devices which are offered by this tech giant. I haven’t seen a Windows Store to be open up somewhere this year and I’m kind of surprised this happened. Still, it’s great news.

Best Buy placed in West Los Angeles will be the next Windows outlet which represents a home for this new store. It will promote and sell only Windows based products coming from the big tech giant Microsoft. This store is expected to be open at 10 a.m. PT on August 7. Everyone who will step into this store will be able to get food, drinks, demos, special gifts and even listen to live DJ.

The first 200 ones who will buy a demo Windows 8 based device in this store will get a special wristband gift which will enable them to meet Mauricio Cienfuegos and Clint Mathis, soccer stars. Alongside this surprise, they will get two tickets to a LA Galaxy game and free soccer ball. Both of these previously mentioned soccer stars will also make their appearance at the store at 5 p.m.



This Windows Store under Best Buy was announced back in June and there weren’t any details if this will finally happen. This store offers Windows PCs, Windows RT and Windows Pro tablets, Windows Phone based smartphones, lots of Microsoft Software and Xbox consoles. Taking 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, these stores can be found in more than 200 Best Buy outlets. The total number of Windows Stores under Best Buy in the U.S is 500 and in Canada there are 100 Windows Stores spread around Future Shop and Best Buy.

Microsoft’s Windows doesn’t seem that has great success among the smartphone and tablet customers. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t make this effort into opening new stores around U.S where people can get in and buy their Windows based device. This could be one of Microsoft’s next steps taking its Windows Store on a new level and we can expect more of these stores to hit the markets. However, all Windows Stores will be updated with new devices in the upcoming period.

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