The Belkin Bluetooth: Onwards to Hands-Free Music Control

Wayne Bond August 13, 2013 0
The Belkin Bluetooth: Onwards to Hands-Free Music Control

The Belkin Bluetooth is used to amplify the songs in a music player. The main goal of this device is to make it easy for a person to enjoy music. It functions a lot like a remote control for a television but their ways of connecting is different. It easily creates a connection between a speaker and a music player through a Bluetooth, a wireless way of transmitting data from one source to the other. It can only do this in very short distances. For this product, it is only limited to 33 feet. This is, however, already a good distance. Average Bluetooth devices can only cover up to 24 feet. 

  • Makes Listening a Lot Cheaper and Comfortable

It has been true to its promise. The Belkin Bluetooth made listening more relaxing now. It has successfully started replacing docks for speakers. This one is a total performer with its very easy way of moving the music to a device that can fully amplify the sound that it receives from a music player or even a smartphone. One can easily blow up the house with super loud music with just a simple swipe at the device. It can be done while lying on a sofa or dining in the kitchen. Its overall ratings are not soaring so high but they are positive enough for it to be a good buy.


  • Connects to Almost Every Music Player

This device is made to adapt to all the latest music sources out in the market. It can deal with gadgets from the late 2000s up to the present. It will detect one as long as the gadget has an A2DP- related device. Lucky for everyone, almost all the music-equipped devices have this and will have this. The most thrilling part about the Belkin Bluetooth is its ability to compile music from 10 different sources. It can do all these simultaneously. Just imagine listening to different players in just one swipe. Files can be transferred with just a few clicks on the controller, too. No need to download music or buy them at record bars. Sharing a musical piece is also made so easy with this product from Belkin. 

  • Trapped at Unstable Connections

This is the only department where Belkin Bluetooth is not good at. It works wireless so it is very prone to unstable connections. One has to make sure that there are no walls, furniture or any other equipment that come in between a speaker and a gadget use as a source of music. If this happens, everything is not going to work. It is not advisable for homes or places that are very small, too. It can sometimes have an annoying screeching sound that can completely ruin the music experience. Putting on some distance usually takes this petty disadvantage away.

It is priced at a very low tag of 27 Pounds. Its highest recorded price is at 33. This is still low compared to the other devices that do the same. It is more favorable than docks because the latter usually costs more than a hundred, way too much for an accessory.


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