Sony Cyber-shot RX1R: Just Another Brilliantly Produced Camera?

Wayne Bond August 14, 2013 1

Sony is back in producing the best cameras that it can. It was a year ago when it released its last product. Before, the company concentrated on making compact, stylish and waterproof cameras. Everything changed now.  With the birth of so many Mirrorless cameras, Sony is forced to create its own that will level the playing field. The Sony Cyber-shot RX1R is how the company is going to call it. It already has a predecessor but did not leave a good mark. It is time to find out whether this new unit did great or not. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Very Compact for a Very Useful Camera

The looks of this Sony Cyber-shot RX1R can really make a conclusion that it is a DSLR. However, its features and grip definitely say that is a genuine compact camera. It is very easy to pack and use whenever and wherever. It also has a solid rock cover that protects it from a lot of possible danger. Sony is becoming very impressive with this unit. It was able to make it look so tough without sacrificing its weight. Photographers can carry it around their neck and their wrists without worrying that it will hit a rock or anything that could probably damage it. 



  • Easily Controlled with Manual Buttons

The control buttons of the Sony Cyber-shot RX1R are somewhere between a DSLR and a compact digital camera. It’s way easier than manual for DSLR’s but instructions are not spoon-fed just like with digital cameras. A manual guide comes with the box for those who want to learn step-by-step. Owners can still pull out their nitty-gritty skills while out-doing what a typical digital camera can do. Adjusting the aperture, the shutter speed and so on will definitely be way more comfortable than this one. It can even be used as a point-and-shoot camera.  It can produce fabulous photos with these buttons, too. 

  • Too Pricey for its Build and Features 

Amazon and Ebay, 2 of the largest online shopping sites, tagged the Sony Cyber-shot RX1R at 2800 USD. This is obviously way beyond the budget of any person. The quality and the features of this product are not worth such big price. There are many others in the market that can do it better and are even available at lower price range. The millions of pixels that it can show in a single frame are really impressive. Also, its ability to filter odd nuances in a photo is one of a kind. However, these are not enough for Sony to bloat its price.

Sooner or later, the prices for a camera that can do the same or can equal the commendable characteristics by the Sony Cyber-shot RX1R will be more budget-friendly. The tip is not to buy it early unless you need it. The lesson that Sony Cyber-shot RX1R taught us is not to be very impulsive unless it is a matter of life and death. Think several times before a purchase especially with this pricey gadget.


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