Samsung Continues to be Apple’s Biggest Display Supplier

Jasmina Lozevska August 9, 2013 0
Samsung Continues to be Apple’s Biggest Display Supplier

We have mentioned couple of times that Apple wants to distance itself from Samsung. Several reports claimed that Samsung is done being Apple’s main processor supplier and the Cupertino based company has found a new main supplier. The latest report coming from NPD DisplaySearch says otherwise. In this report, Samsung is keeping its role as a main display supplier for Apple’s devices. After several patent suits in court and other problems, it seems that both companies can’t function without each other.

The latest report shows that Samsung has supplied Apple with more 9.7-inch display panels than the previously known main supplier, LG Display. These results are for April and June. These panels measuring 9.7 inches were all used for the needs of the iPad 4th generation. According to the leading market analyst, Apple started this display supplying collaboration with Samsung back in January. In the first quarter, Samsung has supplied over 2.3 million display units to Apple. This number has rose 80% in the upcoming quarter noting more than 4.1 million display units in Q2.


The report claims that Samsung will continue to be Apple’s supplier and it’s expected to begin supplying panels for the new iPad Mini 2. This should start in the second half of this year and the panels will measure 7.9 inches. There are no details if the Retina tech will be included in these panels or just an updated non-Retina version of the iPad Mini. DisplaySearch noted that LG Display is still the number one iPad Mini supplier until now. However, there is a possibility this company to be replaced by Samsung and we will keep on eye of this situation.

Alongside Samsung, LG Display will continue supplying Apple with panels and Japan Display is also mentioned like one of the suppliers as a smaller company. Industry Official which has been citied in this report claimed that Apple has a very big problem getting display panels from suppliers like AU Optronics and Sharp. This could mean that Apple found a reliable company in Samsung and putted aside all the misunderstandings between them.

DisplaySearch released a report earlier saying that Samsung will supply Apple with display panels for the upcoming iPad Mini 2 Retina. Normally, Apple didn’t comment on this report.

Competition is nothing when it comes to making business. Sometimes the biggest competitors must collaborate in order to satisfy their customers. Apple needs Samsung’s display panel technology and the Korean company doesn’t mind taking money from it biggest competitor. Simple as that.

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