Instagram adds an ‘Import Video’ Option – You can Now Share Clips from Your Media Library

Wayne Bond August 9, 2013 0
Instagram adds an ‘Import Video’ Option – You can Now Share Clips from Your Media Library

Instagram has added its video-sharing ability recently and people are now enabled to shoot videos and add the same special filters like they did with their pictures. With the newest update coming from the company, Instagram has made the video option more powerful and far more interesting. The newest feature that has been added to this app enables users to pick an old video from their Media Library and upload it to their Instagram account. After they upload the video and choose the parts of it they want to add, filters can be used to modify the whole video.

This Facebook-owned company has decided to now let people share their video clips from the past, which makes the whole video-sharing thing even more exciting. The app includes an option to import all the clips from your smartphone’s media library. Instagram released its 4.1 version that comes with this previously mentioned video import option and wider Android support. People who are using a device that runs on Android 4.0 OS can now use the 15-second video recording feature. This operating system is also known as “Ice Cream Sandwich”.


The iOS version of this new update comes with a brand new camera tool that will fix and straighten all the crooked photos which have been shot by Instagram built-in camera feature. They seemed really happy to announce this new tech which brings the straight photos instantly. When you take the photo with the in-app camera feature, just by tapping the Straighten icon your photo will be corrected to the highest level. This was reported by a post on its official blog web page. This new added feature has a slider that can adjust and rotate any photo which has been shot by this in-app camera or imported right from your Media Library.

This update comes after Instagram released its 15-second video option in July. This option for importing videos will bring a brand new experience and will let people choose from their recorded clips and trim only that part that needs to be added in the video they want to share. All the video captures don’t need to be done spontaneously by the in-app camera anymore. There is another side of this story, pointing out that this new feature distinguishes this app from Vine. All the users of these 6-seconds videos are not able to select and import footage from the past.

The main battle in the mobile video is between both of these apps. Instagram now has 130 million users and this brings them a larger audience just by default. On the other hand, Vine is improving its service day by day and does really good attracting more users to its network. Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, has said that Vine is growing as they have hoped in the first place. We reported earlier that this app hit the top as a most downloaded non-gaming app on Apple App Store in June.

The rumors are heating up and  floating around about the latest video App about to be launched called Pinup who are reportedly using the latest innovative  functions for their new App. It is said the  application will let you shoot, share and shave videos longer than others with extraordinary unique features.

We will be reporting all about the Pinup details on it’s release and ask you to share your thoughts with us of which one of these video-sharing apps you prefer and why?

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