Facebook makes Graph Search in US English Available for Users

Sara Cunningham August 9, 2013 0

Facebook has launched its Graph Search earlier but wasn’t able to make it available for all users. Those who couldn’t use the advantage of this feature were wondering when will it happen and Facebook was quick to give them an answer. However, Facebook announced that it has launched its newest Graph Search for all U.S English users. This should bring the feature that was released in January closer to all people and they can’t finally stop with their complaints.

When this feature started only some part of the users got the chance to use it. This is history now as the social network did its part into releasing this feature for all users in United States that use US English. If you didn’t know by now, Graph Search is a large bar placed at the top of your page and allows you to search detailed information about your friends’ likes, interests and etc. You can make brand new connections more easily with this feature.

This addition hasn’t changed the search option from its older version. This option was used in order to find pages and people just by using their names. The updated search engine allows you to make connections over your personal interests. By using some phrases, like – “My friends who like sports” or “Friends who like swimming and playing guitars”. This was brought up from the company in its official announcement on Wednesday.


If you want to find good restaurant or your next coffee shop for buying coffee on your way to work, Facebook has made the exploring of such places easier than ever. You can search for places that have been recently liked or visited by your friends. If you want to travel around the world, you can find the most visited places from the people living on your desired destinations.

People interested in their friends’ likes can discover movies, music or even books. The new search engine could take few seconds to understand your requirement but it was optimized to follow your search habits and you will be amazed on his proper offerings.

Alongside this new feature, Facebook decided to put an end to its “who can look up my timeline” setting that hasn’t been used by many people. People can still modify their privacy shortcuts to control account’s security settings. Facebook added that in near future, they will expand the search criteria of its search engine to find mobile, posts and comments. There are no details if this feature will be expanded to more language users.

Share your Graph Search experience if you had it so far or what are your own expectations from it.

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