Leaked Images Reveal the iPhone 5S Camera

Alex Bezeau August 10, 2013 0


Rumors are saying that the new iPhone version, a.k.a. iPhone 5S, might be launched this fall. We expect to see numerous improved features that will come alongside with the already released iOS 7. We are seeing rumors and speculations every day and all of them have to say something different and new. We can’t hope that Apple will make all of those changes to the iPhone 5S but maybe some of the most obvious ones will take place at its new product. This new report shows leaked images about iPhone 5S’s camera.

Just in time when the iPhone 5S is month away from its official launch event, these leaked images showed that we can see some internal changes that will make it different than its predecessor, the iPhone 5. It seems that Apple will include a brand new camera that will be totally independent of its LED flash. While we are at it, this device could include a dual-LED flash feature, as well.

A French website has reported the possibility of a standalone camera feature. We could easily see the new iPhone 5S with a camera that has more powerful LED flash that is separated from the camera lens. This is not the first time we hear this kind of rumors and I suppose that won’t be the last. These rumor-based sources can’t be 100% sure of their reports but there must be something going on down there. These leaked pictures clearly show only the lens component without the flash and when compared with its predecessor’s camera, we can conclude that they are different.


This could be a really strong bet – these photos represent a 12-mpix camera that was previously rumored. Apple definitely won’t, but in my opinion, it must show something before its iPhone 5S’ release date in order to calm us down and put an end to all rumors. However, Apple hasn’t commented on any rumor so far, neither gave the official launch date. Alongside this iPhone 5S, the rumors about the new lower-end device called iPhone 5C are getting stronger. Both devices could see the daylight at the same time in September. We are dying to see how Apple will deal with the lower-end market if they release this cheaper iPhone smartphone. The last report showed that the iPhone 5C could share many features with the present iPhone 5.

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