Chromecast Hasn’t Been Delayed, After All, Says Amazon

Heidi Speare August 10, 2013 2


Chromecast was released for the market recently and you’ve been able to order it through numerous web stores. It was declared as “out of sale” just few days after it was released by its company and many retailer shops said that new line of this product will follow. E-mails spread around the net saying that those who ordered its Chromecast devices through Amazon will need to wait until October to receive it.  These e-mails were sent to all the shoppers and now according to some sources the estimated delivery time was incorrect.

Amazon wants to make clear to its customers that their version of this Chromecast device is not delayed and will be shipped within the estimated delivery time. This is totally opposite of what the customers received in an e-mail saying that they will need to wait a month-long period for getting the wireless streaming device. This comes after the users voiced discontent through lots of comments. They have showed copies of their updated e-mails which contained a delivery date within October 17 and 30. According to the company, they will send new e-mails to their buyers with the proper delivery time.

Amazon’s spokesperson said that they have already started revising their orders and all customers who have ordered the Chromecast to August 7 will receive an e-mail with updated information in the upcoming weeks. Amazons still didn’t give any details why they have sent these false e-mails at first place. We guess that they had some supply issues and they needed to react quickly in order to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Its all clear now and people will get their Chromecast delivered when they should have.


Google’s Chromecast has debuted last month and it became a hot seller since then. People started placing orders every second and we saw it going “out of stock” pretty quickly. It costs only $35 and enables you to stream content through many device platforms on your TV. It plugs in your TVs HDMI port and gives you quality image while transferring the wireless signal. If you place your orders on Amazon today, this retailer estimates the delivery time within two or three months.

We already did our full review of this device so you might want to see its capabilities. You can check its full features and specs here in order to see why you need to place your orders now.

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  1. JasonReece10  August 10, 2013 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    Much better than Chromecast is the new Miracast TV — which doesn’t limit the content you display like Chromecast does, and a new Miracast HD Wireless adapter ($39) became available this week, which offers a lot more features and works much more like Apple’s $100+ Airplay Wireless display technology–

    One of the first sources to carry this new device is TabletSprint — worth checking out for this alone… and for Android tablets, including a new series of tablets that launch next week that outprice and outperform the new Nexus — definitely worth reviewing…

  2. digerpaji  August 11, 2013 at 12:13 am - Reply

    Its a killer product

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