The HP Envy Rove is the “Mega” of all Tablets Boasting 20-inch Screen

Sara Cunningham August 10, 2013 0

Have you heard about a tabletop PC device? – If you didn’t know what this expression stands for, HP Envy Rove is the best way to find out. HP has decided to join the growing tabletop PC market with its device version. These devices are actually megatablets with desktop docks or built-in kickstands. We can say that they are tablets with more PC specifications. Other companies like Sony also entered the market with its version of these tabletops that is little bit more expensive than this device. Let’s start with our point of view for this device.


HP Rove 20 has a quite similar design to its direct competitor Sony VAIO Tap 20. It has a 20-inch glossy screen and it’s made of very thick metal. If you look at it from the back you will notice the metal kickstand that offers high support. It can be easily adjusted only with one hand and you will get a feeling that it can easily fall down. You don’t have to worry because this kickstand is secure at any angle. If you reach behind the screen and press the trigger you will see the C-shaped hinge deployed that will offer better and easier adjustment. This hinge is stiff enough to stay at any angle.

hp envy rove 20

This tabletop features a wireless keyboard, which has been made of matte plastic with black color, and mouse that is made of glossy plastic, also black.

The technology that hides behind the display is LED IPS and looks really great. It has bright colors and great viewing angles. The glass is spread edge-to-edge extending across the full thick bezel. The touch-screen feature responded really fast. It offers native resolution of 1,600×900 pixels and this is little bit less for this big display.

The audio technology that stands behind this tabletop is of course, the Beats Audio tech. It features dual-speakers and woofer that gives awesome sound. It has SD card reader and 3 USB slots, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi capability.

Hardware and Performance

HP made this tabletop only with one available configuration. This version includes Haswell i3 Intel Core processor that is running alongside 4GB of RAM. You will get a 1TB of hard drive capacity with 8GB of SSD. While performing on some basic benchmark tests, this device came up slower than the other tabletops that we have tested. They had i5 Intel Core processor chips though, but they were from the previous Intel Core chips. Despite this information, HP Rove 20 is pretty quick when you use it for some ordinary tasks that you do every day at work.


If you want to use it for gaming you should find another device because this tabletop has a slower CPU and weak graphic card. This should enable you to play some non-serious game titles.

If we take a look at the battery life you have to know that these tabletops are not meant to work all day. They are nice to carry them to another room or leave it on your working desk. Keeping these standards on mind, HP Rove 20 gave impressive results running full 3h and 47 min on video playback battery test. The Haswell processor did its part in keeping this device running for so much time.

Overall, this device will give you a great performance for the money you would pay. It costs a little bit less than some other tabletops that have similar specs and features. It includes great audio and has a great battery life. It’s heavier than other big-screen systems and comes only with one Haswell processor version. It lacks better screen resolution, as well.

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