Is a Memo Smartphone in the Works By Asus?

Jasmina Lozevska August 10, 2013 0

Asus is a company that’s well-known for its laptop, PC or tablet products. However, they didn’t quite manage to get successful in the smartphone market. This isn’t the first time we mention Asus as a new smartphone manufacturer. Recently, this company has unveiled its smartphone strategy involving a Memo smartphone that could be already in the works. We saw couple of collaborations for some smartphones with other companies.

This won’t be the first time Asus made a smartphone launch in the US. The last time we saw this company on the field with a help of GPS experts to help it through its tough road. Jonney Shih was the first to report that Asus prepares its Padfone and Fonepad to make a direct hit on the market. Recently, Asus’ CEO in an interview said that they are looking for a way to build tight connections with carriers and retailers in order to succeed in the crowded smartphone market in the U.S. He also added that 2014 could be a crucial year for a launch.

This new hinted MemoFone that will have a 5-inch screen could be designed for those who don’t want their device to rely on a pad or other complementary features. Asus didn’t give any details when or where will the launch event happen but many rumors are saying that we won’t see it this year. The company will be available only to U.S based users and will be like the other smartphones we’ve been used to use. Asus didn’t provide information about the specs, features, price and availability. This could be great news for those who support and prefer Asus over other device manufacturers. Finally they will see a breakthrough point but first we need to see if this rumor is true and how it will perform in users’ hands.

asus memofone

The new smartphone strategy includes updating its three components: PadFone, FonePad and MeMOFone. Under the PadFone field there are two devices: PadFone Infinity and PadFone mini. Under the second component, FonePad, there are: FonePad HD7 and FonePad Note 6. Under the third component MeMOFone, stands the previously mentioned MeMOFone HD 5. As it looks like, Asus will be really busy in the upcoming period and wants to enter into the smartphone market in 2014.

What do you think, will Asus finally get the respect that they are seeking from the smartphone market or this attempt will end up unsuccessful again?

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