Headset to Come Included with Xbox One Bundle

Sara Cunningham August 10, 2013 0
Headset to Come Included with Xbox One Bundle

Xbox One was revealed couple of months ago and the criticism that followed this console was split from the first moment. The truth is, Xbox One is one of the best consoles you can find out there and it can be easily used by every family member, which makes it exceptional. Those who want a platform that can act like a streaming service or be an ordinary gaming platform, should find all of this in the Microsoft Xbox One. According to the company, it will come out right before the holiday month, November to be precise, and you will be able to purchase it for $499.99.

Last month, we saw a report that this new gaming platform won’t feature a headset that will come with the box. We saw numerous comments from potential users voicing discontent about this as Microsoft was ready to charge customers additional $25 for this feature. It seems that this company has revised the options and following the comments, they brought a decision to include the headset into Xbox One’s box. This was confirmed by Larry Hryb, a.k.a. Major Nelson, a Community Manager for Xbox. He said that both limited “Day One” and standard versions will feature a headset.

The headset represents a key component to every gaming console, especially to Xbox. It offers special gaming experience for those who are playing online games right through Xbox Live. Paying additional $25 for something that needs to be included with the gaming console wasn’t received very nice by all gamers.


The video shows a fully unpacked Xbox One by Major Nelson and we can see this console and an updated Kinect controller. He spent quality time explaining the HDMI cable that will come together with the console. This cable will support 4K resolution and will bring you quality image on your TV if supports this technology. All the components together will represent a gaming experience that you have never seen before. Microsoft promised that they will do everything in order to give gamers what they deserve and this should be first step following their requirements.

Xbox One will hit the market shelves right in the right time to compete with its biggest competitor the PlayStation 4 from Sony. Both devices will hit the market at the same time and so far, we have separate opinions about the next number 1 gaming platform. Xbox leaded the gaming market so far and this could be changed next year.

Are you satisfied with this new addition or you think that Microsoft needs to add something else alongside the console for the same price?

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