Red Version of Sony VAIO Notebooks Now available

Wayne Bond August 10, 2013 0
Red Version of Sony VAIO Notebooks Now available

Sony is one of the few companies that first come to my mind when a notebook manufacturer is mentioned. Since the beginning, Sony knew how to amaze its customers with the design, specs and features of its devices. The Sony VAIO notebooks have taken over the market really fast and people were addressing only positive comments and we saw couple of great reviews by some analysts. This new report shows that this company wanted to bring a change to its line adding red versions of its notebooks.

This isn’t the first time we saw Sony making its debut with red notebooks. This company has sold out its limited VAIO Duo 13 notebook red version pretty quick. Sony started to allow consumers to create their own systems. People could decide what to add on their devices on their own, starting from operating systems to processing units and color. We saw Sony adding the red color as one of the color options. Alongside this, we saw some other upgrades that have been released as an addition to their traditional upgrades.

The red edition of this VAIO notebook is set to come out in five different versions. We will see the VAIO Duo 13, VAIO Pro 13-inch or 11-inch and VAIO Fit 15-inch or 14-inch version. Alongside from this common color option, these three models have many similar features as well. All notebooks can be upgraded and ordered with few processor choices and the best of the offered is the Intel Core i7. All of them have touch-screen support and are running on Windows 8 Pro. They have screen resolutions of 1,920 x 1,080p. The red edition of these models includes some standard features that are coming from Sony like full-pitch keyboard, NFC capabilities, track pad and full size backlit feature.


However, these models have few differences. The VAIO Fit holds the most memory (12GB), the VAIO Duo and VAIO Pro have only 8GB of memory available. The second two notebooks have a 512GB of storage capacity compared with the 256GB of the first notebook. VAIO Fit is the only device here that has a support for BD-RE optical drive. It’s important to note that this stands for the red models.

The VAIO Fit 15-inch will be available for a starting price of $1,999 while the VAIO Pro 13-inch and VAIO Duo 13-inch are set for $2,599 and $2,999, respectively.

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