Could Amazon Produce an Android Gaming Console this Year?

Alex Bezeau August 11, 2013 0
Could Amazon Produce an Android Gaming Console this Year?


While we are waiting for Sony and Microsoft to make their devices available on the market there is a rumor about Amazon entering the gaming console market. This company had a notable success with its Kindle Fire HD tablets and maybe this gaming console will be an update to this brand. Some sources already claim that we could see this platform debuting by the end of this year. It seems that companies have an interest in creating game-playing platform at this time and Amazon is the first to have a bite from the cake.

Game Informer was the first company to report that Amazon could enter the gaming market with its console which will run on Android. All the information from this source and the certain knowledge of this hardware which is in-development process, are suggesting that we could see the market tightened for one more spot by the end of this year, Black Friday to be precise. The console is expected to have its own controller and will offer a gaming console for digital games which are offered through Amazon’s Web site.

Amazon didn’t comment on this report and doesn’t want to talk about speculations and rumors.


This comes right after a Kotaku blog site columnist said that Amazon hired several gaming developers in order to upgrade its game library. He added that Gears of War 3’s and Quantum Break’s CEOs were hired few months ago. This doesn’t mean that they are into works for building a gaming console instead we could have new gaming titles. However, a job recruiting message was posted in May by this company saying that they are building a revolutionary product that will deliver Digital Media and could be bigger than its Kindle devices.

This doesn’t indicate a gaming console either and according to the Kotaku columnist, Amazon could release a set-top box or some kind of Kindle smartphone.

This isn’t the first Android based company that will try to release a gaming console under its OS. Ouya has launched a low-cost Android gaming console earlier and didn’t have much of a success. With Amazon, the situation will be different because it has a large customer base that can be the biggest target of this console. Amazon has full line of games that can jump on board for launching.

Another possible suggestion about new device, possibly gaming console, was reported back in May when the WSJ said that this company has been developing a host for new gadgets. This includes an audio-streamer, two smartphones and a new set-top box. As you can see, a gaming console hasn’t been mentioned but this doesn’t mean that the host won’t be used to create a gaming platform, as well. We haven’t seen any of these products released and Amazon stays focused on selling its Kindle Fire tablets.

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