Leaked Images Show the iPad 5’s potential Screen

Heidi Speare August 11, 2013 0
Leaked Images Show the iPad 5’s potential Screen


We are just month away from seeing new devices coming from Apple upgrading its exciting lines. Alongside all the rumors about its next generation iPhone 5 and a new budget iPhone called iPhone 5C, there are some speculations and leaked images showing few details about the new iPads. This report mentions the iPad 5th generation that is expected to hit the markets this fall. New leaked image has shown up its possible screen part that has really thin side bezels and top and bottom borders. If this rumor is true than we should have thinner and lighter iPad 5.

These photos were leaked by Mcfixit Australia, which is a company that produces parts for all of the products coming from Apple. According to this company, the pictures were received directly from its main supplier claiming that this is the new display that will be featured in the new iPad 5. From what we could see, this display has some similarities with the display used on the current iPad Mini version only in full size to match the iPad 5 measurements.

According to this source, the display measures the same size like the 4th generation iPad, 9.7 inches. The report also shows that this display will have couple of new connectors which are called “Flexible Printed Circuits”. These connectors can be found in the current iPhone version. All the previous versions of Apple’s iPads used the Flat Flexible Cable. These are the only two detailed information that we received from this source and we are searching for other details in order to update this story.

ipad 5 screen

Apple hasn’t commented on this report but we are getting closer to what this new iPad 5 will feature.

Macfixit didn’t give any other information when these screens will be ready and available for Apple neither when this iPad 5 could launch. If you want to buy these parts as a replacement to your damaged screen, they are set with a price tag of 249 Australian dollars that is equal to 229 US dollars.

Apple stays secretive about its future plans and their parts but close sources to the company are always here to provide us with some useful information. We can’t rely on these rumors, though. However, it’s always nice to see that something is going down there in the state of Apple.

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