Some of Samsung’s older Devices to be banned in US, Apple Wins again

Jasmina Lozevska August 11, 2013 0
Some of Samsung’s older Devices to be banned in US, Apple Wins again

This legal war between Samsung and Apple seems to be never-ending. Earlier, Apple won over Samsung a court suit that has cost the Korean company billion dollars. Samsung tried to ‘return the favor’ and filled another suit for vetoing some of Apple’s older devices from selling in the U.S. While we were all waiting Obama to confirm this case, he has ditched this ruling and said that Apple was released from any restrictions. We have one very different and opposite situation now, as Samsung will be the company that won’t be able to sell some of its older devices now.

The U.S. ITC claimed that Samsung has violated couple of Apple’s patents with its older phone devices. This decision has been in Apple’s favor as Samsung will be on the verge of removing some of the devices in the U.S market. This ruling became final and after 9 months of initial and deep investigation, the ITC brought a decision that is in Apple’s favor. Apple has claimed that Samsung infringed four patents with many of its devices. Yesterday, the court found Samsung guilty for violating two patents:

  • Touch-screen cover technology
  • Headphone jacks patent

Apple has posted a statement about this decision saying ITC has joined all the worldwide courts in California, Netherlands, Germany, Korea, and Japan standing behind what innovation supposes to be rejecting Samsung’s copy process of Apple’s products. The patent system should be protecting the real innovations.

The decision doesn’t go so much into details only that Samsung’s Transform SPH and Continuum SCH have infringed some headset patent parts. Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab 7.0 are clear for violating these patents. In separate hearing that was held at Appeals Court, Samsung has said that 23 of its 26 devices which are part of this suit are no longer listed on sale. This case at ITC was smaller holding on two tablets and six smartphones.

samsung ban

This ruling comes right after ITC included quasi-judicial group in order to place a veto on products coming into the United States. ITC is always the final place where all controversy between these companies ends. The largest trial between Samsung and Apple was the previously mentioned case where Apple received $1.5 billion dollars but it’s yet to be declared as final because a judge at the District Court has cut this judgment by $450 million. This trial will continue in November.

Apple closes the case as the winner in this battle. But, will we get to witness other battles in the court field between these two tech giants? I’m afraid we will.

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