LG 60ph6700 is a decent Plasma, but High-Priced

Jasmina Lozevska August 12, 2013 0
LG 60ph6700 is a decent Plasma, but High-Priced

The plasma TV market is shrinking year by year but we are still getting some quality smart TVs with the best image quality out there. Panasonic was mentioned like the only company that knows how to make plasma TVs but with this device, LG showed that is still here to compete. LG PH6700 is similar to its predecessor when it comes to its performance but it came out highly-priced. It stands for a midrange TV with quite impressive performance pumped up with some interesting additions. Let’s see what it has to offer.


The design of this TV has its similarities with the previous model that came out in 2012. It has a black bezel that has been made to look like a photo frame. It was made from plastic that gives it not so premium look like the other plasma TVs have. The stand was made unremarkable by all standards that cover the 2013 models. Its swiveling mechanism makes up for everything bad you have to say about this design.


The remote controller for this TV can be a downgrade or update depending on the angle you are seeing it or you want to see it. This plasma TV comes with Motion Remote that looks really funny at first sight, but the design is irrelevant if it functions right, right? The remote controller comes with scrolling and pointing capabilities that will be appreciated by many people but if you are more casual person you will miss the menu button that lacks here.


There is no doubt that this is the best plasma available in the 2013 lineup. This TV comes with 3D ready and Smart TV capabilities which can make the Panasonic S60 sweat. This TV has a built in Magic Motion feature that has a voice search and integration with cable box.

The Smart TV feature came with some improvements from its predecessor. The most noticeable feature of this system is the On Now addition which is integrated cab le box control with a search engine that shows your provider (cable or satellite) on-demand source like many streaming services available out there. The interface is fulfilled with many icons but it’s not that difficult to go through it as it looks like. The interface is very clear and its navigation with the motion remote will give you the proper easiness while browsing. The remote control includes a very responsive voice search that will offer you to quickly find the content you are looking for.

Picture Options

This LG TV is equipped with numerous picture capabilities. It has two calibration modes (ISF) as an addition to its normal settings like Standard, Cinema and etc. It has Color Management and 20 point adjustment of the grayscale that lets you improve your picture and set it by your standards.


Connection ports

This Smart TV includes 3 HDMI ports while bigger and other smart TVs all have 4. You get the MHL capability for mirroring or charging smartphones and tablets and there are three USB ports, digital audio and Ethernet. It comes with Wireless Ethernet also.

Color Accuracy

The strongest side of this TV is its color. It offers some concentrated deep tons which can be visible with the most content streamed through this TV. It’s able to render pale blue sky or sunburned grass that is difficult to notice on some other plasma TVs. It gives great combination of good shadows and real colors while performing under some color quality tests.

Video Processing

This is just another area where this LG smart TV gave wonderful results. The TV was able to go through 1080p film test without any difficulties and flaws. It displays correctly even 24p content that you are about to stream through this device.

Sound Quality

LG PH 6700 offers quality sound with plenty of nice details and articulate bass. If you want a louder experience you will have to connect it with speakers and you will still get the same quality. This TV gave an amazing sound while performing the movies tests and we were able to notice deep bass effects and clear dialogue sound.

Overall, this smart TV offers nice experience, due to its large screen filled with features. The color performance and shadow details are wonderful and it has the best audio feature money can buy on a TV. The cable box control and Magic Motion are really fun and there are just additional indications that you need to buy this TV. Like every other device, this one has some cons, as well. It offers poor black levels that is very unusual for a plasma TV and the screen lacks bright-room filter and 3D glasses to be included in this package. All in all, for $949.99 you will get a good picture and lots of extras.

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