iPhone 5S Coming September 10

Alex Bezeau August 12, 2013 0
iPhone 5S Coming September 10


Everything suggests that the upcoming months will be all about Apple. This company is expected to launch few new products that will update its iPhone’s and iPad’s exciting line. We’ve heard numerous rumors and speculations about these devices and we can’t wait to see some official statement that will put an end to this rumor mill. Recently we noticed couple of leaked images showing the iPhone 5C, the budget-device, which will be meant for the emerging markets. Only few days ago, we saw a report including leaked images of the iPhone 5S’s camera that is expected to have dual-flash separated from the camera lens. This new report shows that we could see the new iPhone 5S next month.

All Things Digital came to this information and they claim that their reliable sources are really close to company’s future plans. September 10 will be the official date when the iPhone rumors will have their epilogue. On this date, Apple is set to introduce its new upgraded iPhone that will be on the market ready for the new challenges. If these rumors are right, we can expect this iPhone 5S to be available on the market by the end of September or early October.


Alongside this report, new leaked images were shown on ShashGear which claimed that this information came from Vietnamese web site. On the picture, we can clearly see the exciting iPhone 5 and two brand new devices. The smaller one is the most rumored iPhone 5C that will come out as a budget iPhone and the second is an iPhone 5S with the expected dual-LED flash on the back. We can’t say that there is much difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S but to be honest I don’t need any big changes in the design.

The important thing is to have upgraded specs and some new features which will be nicely exposed through the recently revealed iOS 7. Apple has promised that this new OS version will bring a brand new experience for the users and many analysts have confirmed that this is the biggest change that we got since 2006. Other than dual-LED flash, we can expect improved camera, processor, display, battery life and etc.

We already made a round-up of all rumors and speculations about Apple and its iPhone 5S so you can check up our expectations there.

Will Apple make this step releasing its new iPhone on September 10? – Share your answers and expectations of it in the comments section below.

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