3 Things You Need to Know About the Sony VAIO Pro 13

Wayne Bond August 12, 2013 0
3 Things You Need to Know About the Sony VAIO Pro 13

Sony produced the most notable laptops in the market for a gadget. Its sub-brand named VAIO has been in the market since 1997. It is so promising because its technology is several steps ahead of the other existing laptops. It uses the ClearBright tech from Japan. This is the reason behind its ultra-fine glass appearance. Before the Retina Display from Apple, this was the best. It gives the owner a very eye-friendly view of the screen. Several series were already made out of it. One of the most recent is the Sony VAIO Pro 13. Some say that this is the ultimate laptop choice. What made people believe those? Let us find out. Below are some things you want to know before purchasing the Sony VAIO Pro 13.

  1. The Most Compact Laptop Ever Made

Undoubtedly, Sony has done so well in making their products look stunningly beautiful. This time, it hit the bull’s eye again. The stylish and tough carbon fiber finish of the Sony VAIO Pro 13 made it eligible for those who have keen eyes for design. Sony made this even more stunning by reducing the weight of the product into just 1.06 kilograms. They made it a win-win situation for everybody. At least, according to Sony this is the most compact laptop that was ever made. It is so thin at .68 inches but Sony managed to give it a chic and crisp keyboard, a fully-responsive touchpad and an ultimately slim and tough look. 

  1. Compromised Functions  for Beauty

Here comes the downside of having a supremely fabulous appearance. It is obviously not written in the records but a lot of people find its keyboard in a very sensitive state. Using it for several months makes it so vulnerable to deterioration.  The keys are starting to go deeper than  usual. They lose the crisp touch through months of moderate usage. Also, there is an uneasy feel that the laptop is going to break into two any time. Plus, lifting the screen after being stored in a laptop sleeve for quite a while can really be heart-pounding. There is a possibility that it will snap into two if enough care is not provided. 

  1. High-Grade and Powerful Software

Sony has given this most compact laptop all the latest and most advanced software developments. It is running at a really fast speed with its 3.0 gigahertz processor. This one can processor tons of data at the same time! The i7, the latest installation of processor from Intel, adds up to its wonderful performance. Its 8 gigabyte RAM made it lovelier. A usual laptop would only have 1 or 2 at the most. This is 4-8x the memory that it can store in a jiffy! It is in the typical 500 gigabyte memory. It is using the latest SSD setup instead of the HDD. 

At the end of the day, this laptop is going to work for those who can maintain it. The decision can also be shaken by its 1300 USD price tag. Some could not just take the risk of spending this huge amount of money while still being very responsible.


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