Google Glass Can Help You Attract Women

Alex Bezeau August 13, 2013 0
Google Glass Can Help You Attract Women


Google Glass still hasn’t made its official debut for the public and people can’t go to a retail store and purchase it. Many bad and good reviews and comments followed this device after its revealing event and we also saw several bans and bills that tried to limit its usage. However, Google didn’t terminate this product and we are expecting it to change its status to available pretty soon. This new report is about a video that has been placed on YouTube showing that you can lure or attract women to your apartment with the help of Google Glass. The guy on the video sounded really creepy knowing everything about the girl upfront but this didn’t matter to her.

If you are bad at meeting girls and you are so into technology, Google Glass might help you get both things at once. This video that shows how to pick up a girl knowing everything about her without even asking is very popular on YouTube with remarkable 1.5 million views. This number could be even higher now while you are reading this report. This video was created by InfinityAR which is a company that specializes in digital eyewear. It makes the experience, in this case the Google Glass experience, a reality.


In this video, we are looking life through the eyes of a young and attractive male who is using the glasses to see his best options. Driving his Ferrari through New York with his glasses showing the way, he seeks, I guess, a woman that will meet his criteria. With the help of his glasses he attracts the woman and while speaking to her, the glasses are telling him whether she is impressed, focused, amazed and etc. This could be really creepy for some, but I can bet that many girls will be impressed. Untill the end of this video, we are seeing both of them getting together at the young male’s apartment.

InfinitiAR has explained this video popularity in a press release saying that this amazing result from the video is in favor of all people for using the unique platform coming from InfinitiAR applications. Although the video looks pretty fantastic, we must agree reality is way to different to be sure that a gadget of this sort will solve our communication issues. As a matter of fact, Google Glass is on the verge for getting banned in every strip club or bar so you can wear it only at home and you won’t be able to pick up a girl like this young man with Ferrari.

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