The Nexus Smartphone follows Moto X

Heidi Speare August 13, 2013 0
The Nexus Smartphone follows Moto X


Moto X was released recently as an attempt of the company to conquer the market competing with the best in the business so far, Samsung and Apple. We haven’t seen the acceptance of this phone by the public yet, and the Google-owned company is rumored to be the next manufacturer of the new Nexus phone. It must make a reference design for the smartphone and hand it over to Google by the end of this year. It seems that Google liked what it saw in the Moto X and wants to hand it over this job to its purchased company.

On the Moto X revealing event we heard Rick Osteroh, Product Manager, saying that this is the first smartphone device fully deisgned and delivered as Google’s device but it’s not a Nexus phone. He was right because you can’t even buy it with the latest Android OS version. However, rumors are suggesting that this doesn’t need to mean they aren’t already producing the next Nexus phone model. Taylor Wimberly, an Android blogger, believes so and said that his sources claimed with accurate details that Motorola has the next Nexus into works and it will be set for releasing by the end of this year.

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When Google purchased Motorola last year, it has reported that all the operations of this company will stay independent. Contracts for making Nexus smartphones have stayed open to receive the proper competition from the other smartphone manufacturers. This collaboration on a Nexus phone was expected and we were wondering when it will happen. Having your flagship device created within your company’s framework is the best thing that can happen. We can’t exclude the option that Google thinks Motorola is the best fit for a partner for the new Nexus smartphone.

Google has the best position to cover more ground and take advantage of this situation. This company has a new program to offer Google Play stock version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. This is good news for all Android fans out there because they can search to purchase their favorite Google Play smartphone editions, Moto X also, from their carriers.

This came after Asus was named as a company that will be in charge for producing the Nexus 10 device. It seems that we can see two Nexus devices by the end of the year and I’m really looking forward to see them.

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