Can Roku Become a Chromecast Killer?

Sara Cunningham August 13, 2013 0
Can Roku Become a Chromecast Killer?

Google has released its streaming video stick called Chromecast that has found its place on the market really quick. People started buying it fast as it offers smart TV feature equipped with YouTube and Netflix. It uses the Android-based or iPhone smartphones as remote controllers. Chromecast can be bought for $35 and it is exclusively cheap and affordable. Some analysts have already said that this streaming video stick is a miracle device and it can easily take over the leading spot from Roku and Apple TV.

When the Chromecast made its debut, the world totally forgot that there is another company which has a streaming stick. Roku Streaming Stick was already available on the market before Chromecast and didn’t receive the same popularity as Google’s streaming stick. The stick that came out of Roku includes Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Instant, HBO Go and Vudu but the main problem is that this stick is really tough to be found. This company has covered its existence for unknown reasons and now that Chromecast became so popular, maybe this is the right time Roku to see what they can do to climb on top with its streaming stick. We are going to show you few suggestions how Roku can make its Streaming Stick 2.0 a Chromecast killer.


1. Real YouTube app

This has been the weakest spot in every streaming box that came out of Roku. Some of you will say that you can use the Wonky app that is supported by iOS and Android device to stream any YouTube content on the TV. We can add that many YouTube video providers are available on Roku through their own app. However, real YouTube app included in Roku will make things easier for every user around the world. It would be tough for Roku to get this YouTube app because they must convince Google, the Chromecast and YouTube owner, to make one for its biggest rival.

2. Optional Remote Controller

We already know that Chromecast doesn’t have a controller and instead uses our Android or iOS based devices for that purpose. The smartdevice is a great way to search and choose content for streaming but some of us really prefer real remote controller. This could be in Roku’s favor because it already has an application supported by both iOS and Android platforms. This company could work with other app providers adding the “play to Roku” button that will work like Chromecast’s option. A streaming stick can and will work without hard remote but you will always be able to use it like an optional add-on just in case if people don’t want to use their smartphone as a remote controller.

3. USB power

This is the most important feature that the next generation Roku Streaming Stick must have. The exciting streaming stick is working only with TVs that have MHL HDMI support. These are not standard HDMI ports because MHL support gives enough power only to charge the connected mobile devices. In this case, it keeps Roku Streaming Stick running even if the TV is powered off. This is a nice idea for keeping the Streaming Stick always on but the thing is not every TV has a MHL support. On the other hand, every TV comes equipped with few USB ports and if Roku add this USB power to its stick, than people won’t hesitate to buy it. If Roku decides to keep its exciting design adding the USB power, it would make it work with every HDTV available on the market.

4. Lower price

Chromecast took over the world not only with its functionality and design but with the price too. For $35, people had the best solution for streaming their favorite content on their TVs. Currently, the Roku LT and Roku HD are selling for $50 and $60, respectively. Both units are nearly equal only that the HD has an instant replay button which can’t be found on the Roku LT. Roku Streaming Stick is out there selling for $84 but if you separate the stick from its remote controller than you will get it for a price of $55. Adding the expense of the power adapter and USB cable can mean more money but we can only hope that Roku Streaming Stick 2.0 will hit the $50 price mark. This isn’t impossible goal and Roku must know how to reach it if they want success.

Roku is on the line and has the biggest opportunity to cover Chromecast’s blank spots. Cheaper and USB powered Roku Streaming Stick will be a great Chromecast alternative. Roku employees won’t have to start from zero-ground to produce this streaming stick. They have a great starting point and they need only to upgrade it to be more compatible and affordable on the market.

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