HTC One Mini: The Same Features With HTC One but With a Lower Price

Jaycee De Guzman August 13, 2013 0
HTC One Mini: The Same Features With HTC One but With a Lower Price


The HTC One’s release was considered to be a threat to Samsung, Apple and even Blackberry. It’s an impressive smartphone that was able to compete with the features of other smartphones in the market today.

HTC One has a very sleek design with a 4.7-inch screen that displays vibrant colors all the time. It’s not heavy and not light either, it just has that very thin body along with the features that are just amazing.

But, HTC doesn’t stop there. It has just introduced the HTC One’s brother and that is the HTC One Mini. From the name itself, it’s a “Mini” which means this phone is expected to be smaller than its older sibling.

HTC One Mini The Same Features With HTC One But With a Lower Price 2


The HTC One Mini does not have any difference with the HTC One’s design. It looks exactly the same and has exactly the same features. It is equipped with the same dual-stereo speakers that are made by BoomSound.


The front screen has the same feel of its older sibling and its lines at the back of the phone are still placed at the same place. This is exactly the smaller twin of the HTC One.

Connectivity Features

The HTC One Mini doesn’t have any NFC functions for its connectivity features. It is equipped with the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and is still a wireless-capable phone. Its internet connection is doubled and is compatible to a 4G connectivity signal. This handset may lose the NFC functionality, but there are more reasons to enjoy its connectivity features.

Internal Storage

It has a built-in memory storage of 16GB, which is expected to be enough for an average phone user. If the memory space is not enough for you, then you can always take advantage of its cloud storage features. You can start living in the cloud with this phone through SkyDrive and other cloud platforms.

There’s nothing much to worry if this phone has lesser features or lower specifications from the bigger HTC One. It is expected to have a lesser price tag compared to the HTC One.

Furthermore, it’s commendable for HTC to release a phone that is going to be more affordable for ordinary smartphone users. As of now, there is no fixed date as to when it will be available. But, it’s expected to be available in the United Kingdom first before it hits the United States.

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