AMD Talks About Custom “Jaguar” APU on PlayStation 4

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0

John Taylor, Vice President of Global Communications and Industry Marketing of AMD, elaborated just recently on the APU that is jam-packed with the semi-announced PS4 console from Sony. Basically, an APU is a chip that puts together general-purpose CPU (Central Processing Unit) cores with a GPU or Graphic Processing Unit and a lot of other system essentials which include display outputs, memory controllers, specific video decoders and more. According to John Taylor, the company’s semi-custom solutions use similar treasure trove of graphics which means computing multi-media which is searched or located in the APUs and modifying them so that those users with extremely particular high-volume products can enjoy the benefits the company offers out of its leading-edge technologies.

AMD Talks About Custom “Jaguar” APU on PlayStation 4

When it comes to Sony’s PS4, the company leveraged on the roadmap it has created for its 2013 product for personal computers and came up with a solution that fits in the soon-to-be-made-available-in-the-market called “Jaguar” with its Radeon graphics, thereby resulting to approximately 2 TFLOPS of the performance of computers. This will give developers the opportunity to primarily improve or revolutionize the overall console gaming experience of users by allowing them to put together the power of parallel processing.

For those who have heard of ‘Bobcat’, ‘Jaguar’ is its successor. It is the prior power E and C-Series of low-power APUs. AMD is expected to introduce its first batch of Jaguar-based APUs in the market this year, sometime in June or July, with codenames Temash and Kabini. The first batch has 28-nm chips which will 15w or less power envelopes and up to four cores.

On his explanation about PlayStation 4, Taylor added that ‘Jaguar’ APU will make this year very exciting for all the gamers around the world most especially for those people who have their consoles and PCs equipped with AMD hardware because the company will have more announcements to make in the next coming months that will totally revolutionize their overall gaming experiences. He also said that there is a conference scheduled in March, Game Developers Conference, that would give gamers a chance to experience a lot of exciting things to happen when the company will provide them with more information on how it’s working together with the game developers in the world in order to make AMD the top choice among companies who are running the best games in the market.

Indeed, ‘Jaguar’ is now enjoying a lot of attention. The gamers are expected to be blown away with the great things to come from the company but as of the moment, they’ll just have to wait for the next exciting news.

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