The Google Glass: Users Enjoy the Three Updates for This Month

Jaycee De Guzman August 13, 2013 1
The Google Glass: Users Enjoy the Three Updates for This Month


The Google Glass has been a phenomenal invention of Google. No company has ever thought of releasing powerful spectacles. The Google Glass recognizes voice commands from its users and performs the tasks that the users ask it to do.

Recently, the Glass has been released and only a few people were able to get a hold of one and own it. It works as a smartphone and a computer as well. It lets the user surf the internet, take photos, record videos, check the weather updates, send and receive emails and anything that a smartphone and computer system can do.

The Google Glass Users Enjoy the Three Updates for This Month 2

It is sold at a very competitive price. The company has promised that the user will experience superb performance from the device each day. In connection with that, Google has also assured the users that monthly updates will be given for the betterment of the device’s performance.

Indeed, Google fulfilled its promise and it has just introduced its updates for this month. There are only a few updates that are said to be available in the coming days for all of the Google Glass users.


The first update concerns the applications Path and Evernote. These are added voice commands that will allow the users to do something else while posting a photo on Path or making a note in Evernote.

The voice command says “Post an update” for the user to be able to post an update on his or her activities on Path. The second voice command also says “Take a note” to be able to take a note on Evernote accurately and swiftly.

These added voice commands are very useful for users who don’t have the time to send a text message, make a call or record a message anywhere. In the first place, the Google Glass is a device invented for people who love to multi-task and want to get things done in a jiffy.

Another update is the Google Now Cards. The Glass users will be able to use this application to check the list of restaurant vacant seats, movies and many others. This application can also be used to remind you of the set reservations and dates that you made on the said day.

Furthermore, this is good news coming from the world-known technology company. It has fulfilled its promise and we’re sure to get more updates each month from this company. Anyone can also check the Google Developers Hub anytime for more updates about the new developments of Google.

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    I’ve seen computers designed for senior cits. What about an internet capable cell for those not interested in social media access, but keen on checking emails, sending photos, and checking odds and ends on the net?

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