Windows 8.1 Is Rumored to Be Launched in October

Jaycee De Guzman August 13, 2013 0
Windows 8.1 Is Rumored to Be Launched in October


Microsoft was very successful in the release of the Windows 8 last year. The company earned more consumers because of the smooth accessibility that the new operating system is able to provide to its users. It also promised that there will be a sooner update to the said operating system.

The leading company is already in the middle of finalizing the near launching of the new Windows 8.1. If we remember, in the previous announcement of Microsoft, the updating Windows 8 operating system will be launched in this month of August.

That doesn’t seem to be the case now. According to reports, the anticipating users might have to wait a few months from now before they finally get a hold of Windows 8.1. According to ZDNet, Microsoft is planning to finally launch the system come the month of October and that’s going to be a few months from now indeed.

Windows 8.1 Is Rumored to Be Launched in October 2


According to the same source, users don’t have to worry and just have to wait patiently because Microsoft is just adding and finalizing the new features that will be included in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft promises that it’s going to be an operating system that will perform better than the latter and that there are going to be more reasons for the existing users to upgrade to such operating system. Microsoft is also planning to have the launch wait so that it will be launched together with the new devices that the company is going to release as well.

The company also held a conference last June and discussed the possible new features of the new system with its developers. The system is expected to have a new and better design, but will not be too far from the current design of Windows 8. Microsoft also assured its consumers that more designs will be added to the updated system and that it will then be more conducive to be used in smaller devices.

According to some whom Microsoft has chosen to run a test drive on the new Windows 8.1 system, it has noticeable differences from the old Windows 8. We are all yet to prove that to be true as soon as the new system is released in October.

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