ZTE Open Gives the Mozilla Firefox OS a Grand Debut

Jaycee De Guzman August 14, 2013 0
ZTE Open Gives the Mozilla Firefox OS a Grand Debut


Early this year, Mozilla found a good way to try to compete with Google’s success. The company released a new operating system called the Firefox OS that will be used as the official browser of other smartphones. However, there are only a few smartphones companies that partnered with Mozilla.

Google and Mozilla are both competing companies not until Google introduced Android to the world. Android has dominated the entire world of technology and almost everyone chooses an Android smartphone more than any other phones in the market. It even threatens the sales of the famous Apple iPhone and the elegant Blackberry smartphones.

It is not too late yet for Mozilla. There is one reliable brand that agrees to use Firefox OS as its operating system in one of its soon-to-be-released smartphones. Mozilla Firefox OS is set to have a big time debut again very soon.

ZTE Open Gives the Mozilla Firefox OS a Grand Debut 2


Mozilla is working hand-in-hand with ZTE. ZTE just announced today that the company will be releasing its first ever Firefox OS running smartphone – the ZTE Open. It will be out in the market very soon and will be very first introduced to the online market. The Firefox OS allows the phone to run any application, send and receive emails and access to the Firefox Marketplace. The Firefox Marketplace can be compared to the Google Play Store.

ZTE, however, never mentioned the exact date as to when it will be available, but it seems to us that it’s going to be very soon. It’s going to be eBay that will first market the smartphone and will be the only e-commerce website that will be selling the ZTE Open smartphone.

As for the specifications of the phone, ZTE and Mozilla have not released any information yet. The company has not given full details regarding the hardware, processor and the capacity of the new ZTE Open.

But ZTE has confirmed that the ZTE Open will be in a very vibrant color option. It will be introduced with a color combination of orange and black. It has also confirmed that the said smartphone will not be locked to any mobile carrier. This leaves a good impression that the users will get to choose the carrier they want.

The ZTE Open smartphone started to become available in Colombia, Venezuela and Spain just this month. It is set to be available in the United States and the United Kingdom anytime soon for only $80.

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