Report Says Two iPads will Come Out Later This Year

Heidi Speare August 14, 2013 0
Report Says Two iPads will Come Out Later This Year


We desperately want to see a new device to come out this year. We are seeing reports, speculations and rumors related to iPhone or iPads all the time but we aren’t able to say which one is true. Apple still keeps itself quiet about the upcoming devices and leaving us only to expect what will be released next. Right after we see numerous reports about the iPad Mini and iPad 5th generation, this new report only confirms that we will see two iPads by the end of this year. This is not another boring report because it’s coming from more reliable source which claims something new.

Both devices will bring new refresh later this year and are set to make their big debut. This is another suggestion that there is a very busy fall ahead of Apple. The rumors are getting heavier and we are working hard to cover them all.

The latest speculation is that Apple is set to release its 5th generation iPad in the last Q4 of this year. This comes from Bloomberg which citing on its reliable sources, claimed that Apple is working hard to make its completely new full-size iPad design that will have similarities with the current iPad Mini model. As for the iPad Mini, the source also claimed that Retina iPad Mini 2 is also into works. This comes after we saw several reports saying that we won’t see Retina iPad Mini this year and the company might produce it in Q1 of 2014.


This claim about new display tech for the iPad Mini is claiming that we will see doubled resolution feature on the display while leaving the same physical size. For those who seek physical change, Apple won’t do it because the iPad Mini 2 won’t work with the existing software. Bloomberg wasn’t the only company that reported this change. The Wall Street Journal also reported the same claim. The same source mentioned that it’s still undisclosed if Apple’s display suppliers could make it on time to ship displays to Apple in order to get the device ready for this year.

Redesigned and thinner iPad is also expected this year and this rumor was strengthened with several replacement parts which were seen on the Web. It was said that these parts are from the 5th generation iPad and included the glass touch panel. Bloomberg had some interesting theory that we will see redesigned iPad 5 because this device wasn’t change since the iPad 2 if we exclude the lightening charging port.

Apple must bring something new with its iPad device because the June quarter gave results that were under Apple’s expectations. This company has sold 14.6 million iPads while they were expecting more than 18 million units. Apple has covered its iPad sales with the unexpected stronger sales of the iPhone 5 but still this drop was highly notable. Along with this new iPad claims, we saw a report that said we could expect the iPhone 5S along the budget iPhone 5C to be released on September 10. This report was followed by AllThingsD, Bloomberg and The Loop. If the history repeats, Apple is expected to have 2 split-up events in order to unveil the iPhones and iPads separately.

These devices might be just around the corner for releasing and only one thing is for sure, the next iPads and iPhones will have the iOS 7.

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