Almost Half of the American Population Spend More Time on Facebook

Jaycee De Guzman August 14, 2013 0
Almost Half of the American Population Spend More Time on Facebook


Who doesn’t have a Facebook? In each of our communities, we can only count a number of people who doesn’t have their own Facebook account and spend time with it most of the time. Facebook has dominated the world in a single click when it was launched and one of the countries that have a lot of users is the United States.

Facebook started as a website for some personal reasons that the developer had. But today, it is already a social networking platform that has different purposes for each of its users. People use it for finding new friends and some find it very useful to find long lost friends and relatives. Also, most of us just use it to keep ourselves updated with everyone in the world.

A source has confirmed that more than 40 percent of the population of America use Facebook every day. It only means that almost half of the population of the Americans reserves a separate time for them to be able to check their own accounts and just enjoy logging on it.

Almost Half of the American Population Spend More Time on Facebook 2


According to the statistic calculation, there is about more than 128 million American users of the social networking site. These people check their accounts every day. It seems like Facebook is the new version of our personal e-mails these days. The calculation is only for the users who check their accounts using the web version or using a personal computer.

There is a separate number that has been calculated by the statistics. It appears that 33 percent of the American population checks their Facebook accounts using the mobile platform. That would be equivalent to a total of 101 million users. The mobile users are also the ones who check their accounts more often than the ones using the web version.

On the other hand, Facebook has beaten the number of people that checks Wall Street in a day and that is amazing. It’s because Facebook is also a real time social network that also posts updates about news, entertainment and everything that is new and it all appears in each of our news feeds.

If its user rates continue to soar high this year, Facebook is also expected to take away the advertising services from the television market. Facebook is also being used for advertisements because it reaches easier and faster to the users.

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