Siri Feature Won’t Be Included in the Low-Cost iPhone 5C

Jaycee De Guzman August 14, 2013 0
Siri Feature Won’t Be Included in the Low-Cost iPhone 5C


The soon launching of the new iPhone handset has been all over the news recently. Along with the iPhone 5S, it has been rumored that the low-cost iPhone handset will come along with it. The iPhone 5C is the expected handset that will be available with a lesser price.

According to reports, the iPhone 5C will be available in the market at around a price range of $300. In connection with that, Munster has stated its opinion that it could be the best time to retire iPhone 4S and have it phased-out in the market.

If we look into the price of the lower-cost iPhone handset, we should expect for some features to be omitted. According to our sources, the popular iOS application, Siri won’t be featured as one of the features of the iPhone 5C. Well, we kind of expected that as we all know that there should be minimal features that the handset will carry.

Siri Feature Won't Be Include in the Low-Cost iPhone 5C 2


Siri is the application that Apple has partnered with to make the iPhone handsets more conducive and convenient for all of its users.  Siri is actually a Norwegian word that pertains to a beautiful looking lady who would lead someone to his or her victory. This is actually the main purpose of the application itself. It helps in organizing the schedules and plans of the users as conveniently as possible.

To make it short, Siri is a virtual personal assistant and also an application that provides knowledge to the iPhone users. It also answers relevant questions from its users and then uses an interface to provide the right answers to them.  So far, the application has had good feedbacks from its users especially from the ones that are active in the business and corporate world.

But we absolutely know that the iPhone 5C will be working its way to find a replacement or at least an alternative application to replace Siri for the handset. As for the new iPhone 5S, people are wondering about the security that the phone can give with its new security feature. The handset is expected to be more secure in making online and mobile payments once released.

The handsets are expected to be released in September 10. But we are yet to confirm that as soon as Apple makes its final statement about it.

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