Xbox One Will Perform Perfectly Even Without Kinect

Jaycee De Guzman August 14, 2013 0
Xbox One Will Perform Perfectly Even Without Kinect


Xbox 360 was a real big hit for Microsoft in its line of gaming consoles. Since then, the company has continued to conduct studies and experimentation to be able to build and design the next gaming console that should be better than the Xbox 360. According to reports, the new Xbox gaming console is set to be launched anytime this year.

We are talking about the new Xbox One. It was announced in the last update from Microsoft that the next gaming console will still need the same features in order to function. But there seems to be a turnaround in its plans recently.

The Xbox 360 needed the Kinect to be able to function perfectly. But Microsoft recently confirmed that the Xbox One will still function as perfectly as possible without using the Kinect. The news seemed to be a surprise for everyone since we have known Microsoft to partner with Kinect since day one.

Xbox One Will Perform Perfectly Even Without Kinect 2


IGN was lucky enough to interview Mr. Marc Whitten. He is the official platform architect of Microsoft for the Xbox One. He stated that the decision was made in order for the users to be able to use the new Xbox One with more convenience. It will still allow them to use the gaming console even if there are problems with Kinect.

The architect mentioned that the Xbox One will be able to function with the use of the internet alone, which is going to be safer for the users. There might be times that the Kinect won’t function and they can’t use the console without it. At least, the console will continue to work with or without Kinect.

This is an excerpt of the exact statement that Marc Whitten stated during the said Interview. “.. Like online, the console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in, although you won’t be able to use any feature or experience that explicitly uses the sensor.”

Basing on the official’s statement, it is actually a good move for Microsoft to finally allow the gaming console to be fully accessed by its users even without Kinect. Furthermore, we are truly anticipating the next release of the new Microsoft gaming console.

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