Nexus 10 and iPad 4: Creating One Hell of a Fight

Wayne Bond August 14, 2013 0
Nexus 10 and iPad 4: Creating One Hell of a Fight

Apple and Google are in between a very good battle. The iPad 4 from Apple and the Nexus 10 from Google are the most famous choice for the 10-inch category for tablets. To make things clear, Samsung manufactured the Nexus 10 while Google designed it. This has been the way Google works with gadgets. Some of their other successful manufacturers are LG and Acer. These tablets were both released in the winter of 2012. This is one of the first tablets that challenged Apple.  Before, only the iPads made it to the scene even if they were not the first to be out in the market but everything has changed now. There are so many competitors and Nexus 10 is one of them. Let us see how these two tablets put up a great fight.

  • Which one has a better architecture?

Apple has been very consistent in producing gadgets with elegance. The iPad 4 is not ruled out in this scheme. It has a stylish metal back cover while the Nexus 10 ends up with a firm plastic finish. The former offers a really firm grip even without sacrificing the weight of the entire product. Nexus 10 on the other hand becomes very slippery at times. It is also prone to more fingerprint details than the iPad 4.  Clearly, the one from Apple takes this round. Even if iPad 4 is a few megapixels behind for its secondary camera, it can still be compensated by its big lead when it comes to other hardware departments. iPad 4’s retina display can totally wipe out what is left with the advantages of Nexus 10.


  • Which one can go further with its software?

The performance of Nexus 10 inside its shell is totally impressive. However, iPad 4 is not far behind Nexus’ offers. It is just a few hertz faster than the iPad 4. Both are equipped with the latest operating systems from their respective manufacturers and the latest chipsets. The only failing characteristic for iPad 4 is its applications. Google, obviously, did not want its applications be put on Apple. The iPad 4 was forced to put its own map, which by the way gained so many negative feedbacks. Also, applications from Apple consume much more space than their equivalent for Nexus 10. 

  • Which is worth the money?

So far, the game is tied at 1-1. Apple gets the hardware while Samsung and Google beat it on the software. The only characteristic left to judge is their prices. It will not be too hard to do this because both were released in the same month which means that there is no inflation or deflation or any other event that can drastically affect their tags. iPad 4 and Nexus 10 are available at 310 EUR and 480 EUR respectively. If you think that the elegance and the style from the hardware and the look of the iPad 4 are worth 170 EUR more, then, go for it.

Overall, the verdict will still be at the hands of the consumer. Both parties put up a great choice for the people in search of a good tablet.


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