Sony KD-65X9005A: The TV Everybody Wished For

Wayne Bond August 16, 2013 0

Those who love watching movies or television series sometimes dream of having the best television set installed at their homes. This paved the way for a lot of companies to produce the best of the best TV’s. This dream is no longer a far-fetch one because of the revolutionary product from Sony – the Sony KD-65X9005A. This television set is flat and huge just like those that are in the cinemas. It can definitely turn an ordinary watching experience into one of the best moments in a day. It works in unbelievably high specs. Sony put much effort for the resolution, the connectivity and the audio and video. 

  • Spectacular Shows at 65-Inches

The Sony KD-65X9005A is at a whopping 65-inch screen.  This is already enough to let a community watch the most awaited news about the president. It is already sufficient to let an entire basketball organization review their action-packed ballgames properly. To make things short, its size is definitely considered as one of the biggest. It is easily controlled via remote. All the necessary menus are already on the screen. Changing channels have never been this easy. It can even show the devices that are connected to it on the screen. There are at least 10 ports found at the back of the television which can be viewed simultaneously. 


  • The Best 4K TV in Production

4K means having a resolution with a minimum of 4000 pixels. This is the same resolution used in cinemas. Technically, this can already pass the standards of giving a wonderful cinematic experience. It is considered as one of the best 4K TV in the market because Sony did not rely on the lowest and the usual 4K range. It developed the Sony KD-65X900 into even more. Plus, the entire software and hardware are perfectly compatible with its resolution. It shows dark and light parts of a movie in brilliant and sharp colors. There is also nothing to worry about its home channels. 

  • A Gem in an Astounding Price Range

Not many companies are able to come up with the best line of appliances and very rare that one is produced at a very low price. This Sony KD-65X9005A is totally a treasure because with all these amazing features, Sony kept it a very friendly and reasonable price. It is not cheap at 6000 Euros but it is definitely more than worth it. Just imagine buying each and every piece that the entire unit has put together including the best speakers, all the needed ports, its smart connections and its plenty applications. Sony KD-65X9005A actually helps its owners save more.  

The Sony KD-65X9005A is also the best when it comes to being a Smart TV. It can process a lot of date installed into it even when they are opened all together. It works on a processor that is the same with the computers. This is definitely a groundbreaking product from Sony. A lot of people are expected to save just to have it at their homes.


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