Clarifying All the Rumors About the iPhone 5s

Wayne Bond August 17, 2013 0
Clarifying All the Rumors About the iPhone 5s

Many rumors came out regarding the look and the specifications of the brand new installation of iPhone. A lot of Apple fans are expecting the new phone before 2013 ends. There were no confirmations regarding how Apple is going to name it; whether it will be iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. The last iPhone that was released last September 2012 received a mix of positive and negative reviews. Some were saying that the only major difference they got is the 1-inch addition to its length. On the other hand, fans were amused on how Apple created, topped it with elegance and functionality. This article aims to give a glimpse of the state of the sought after iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.

  • Eliminating Monochrome –  Colors on the List

There are pictures scattered all over the Internet that iPhone is following the steps of the iPod. This is in terms of the availability of the unit in many different colors. They are still available in the usual pure white and pure black, though. So far, the latest iPod or the iPod 5th generation is available in blue, red, green, white, and black. The photo that was said to be “leaked” contains pastel iPhones with very light green and pink colors. So many people are waiting for this to happen. If Apple will pursue this idea, it will definitely gain better sales. 


  • Tougher and Bolder Metal and Aluminum Casings

Everybody is already satisfied with the look of all the products from Apple. They look so elegant yet tough. They have a really sleek design that allows better grip. They have a very different style that no other gadget companies can successfully compete with. Fortunately, Apple can make already great things better. There were photos of the casings that were unofficially released. The size of the casings in the photo assures that they do not belong to the recently introduced iPhone 5. They contain the very famous bitten apple logo of the company. Some suspect them to be for a delivery to the assembly line based on Taiwan.

  • Salutes for a Longer Battery Capacity

The average battery life of the latest iPhone installation is only at 8 hours when at talk time. This is not a good rate especially with a very reliable smartphone. This can be worse if the iPhone is used with Wi-Fi and many applications. This scenario has been a really big problem especially for those who are travelling a lot with their smartphones. However, there were rumors that higher lithium capacity is installed with the new batteries. There are even photos that show how these batteries were brought to the factories where they will be polished and put in the entire unit.

It is not hard to expect something really good from Apple especially with their smartphones. All these rumors are not hard for the company to fulfill because for the past years, they have proven that they can be a worthy competitor in the growing market for gadgets.


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