Lytro Camera: The Next Big Thing for Photography?

Wayne Bond August 18, 2013 0
Lytro Camera: The Next Big Thing for Photography?

Lytro Camera gives the world a peek on what could exactly be an image that is not a video and not a photograph either. This new invention comes from a small American company. It is set to capture an image that is moving. The idea is a bit confusing but the captured moments can definitely leave its owners in awe. It made it on the sheets last 2012. A lot of eyes are on it. The big question is, was it able to nail down the expectations on it?

Can Be Operated Even With Basic Skills

Even a child can take pictures from the Lytro Camera. A person does not have to acquire a degree in photography just to arrive at a good-looking piece. It does not have special buttons for it to capture a great moment. Not many adjustments in the aperture and in the shutter speed are needed to make things look better. Of course, professionals will always find a way on how to make their shots look so vivid and lively but aside from clicking the button, the Lytro Camera does not need any posh twists and turns for a decent shot. It has a guide that comes in the box. This includes the list on how to use it and to take care of it.


Can Produce Unique and Amazing Living Photos 

The idea of photos that can easily be turned, zoomed and refocused was unbelievable a few years ago. Everything changed when Lytro made it come to life. It uses of another sheer sheet of the sensor to capture and allow photos to be viewed in different perspectives. The light that is supposed to hit a single reflector is dispersed, making the photographs move as a person tosses, drags and clicks on it. Those who want to relive a splendid moment at a beach or a party can definitely be pleased with the works of the Lytro Came. The days when viewing nature as a still life are also gone. Its products will not be called living photos for nothing. They are even more than three dimensional.

May Be Used for Surveillance and Emergency

The company has no idea how their product can help in the future. They just revolutionized photography into something really advantageous. It can be a premiere to technology that can only be seen in sci-fi or science fiction movies. With its refocus function, the Lytro Camera can reveal the blur edges. The practical use of this function becomes very functional especially during police operations or any other hunting procedures.

So far, it is not favored by a lot of people because of its high price tag. It is not budget-friendly at 500 USD. If Lytro can develop the product with cheaper materials, it will surely reach the hands of global photography enthusiasts.   Its 16 GB capacity to house living photos may be superb but this is still not a license for the company to put it at a very high cost. It is good but not worth it.


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