MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch): No Longer the Overpriced Flop

Wayne Bond August 19, 2013 0
MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch): No Longer the Overpriced Flop

Apple set the standards for slim laptops. They were the first to produce lightweight but durable items in this field. Competition got tough after they launched their Air Series. Ultrabook and Vivobook from other companies started to swarm up the market and Apple has something to do it. The MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) is their solution. Its 13-inch size makes it the right choice for those who are working hard during their travels or when at home. It is not too big or too small. Packing it in a baggage can be so easy because it is so light at 2.96 lbs.

  • Extremely Impressive Battery Life

This has been the main problem with Apple-produced gadgets. One cannot bring them in a coffee shop or in an out-of-town trip just because they cannot last long. Before, a battery that can last for 5 hours from Apple is already a great gem. However, they made it into a whole new level. It can now run up to double its previous hours. One can enjoy 10 hours of Internet browsing, document editing, games and many more. Note that this can go higher at 12 hours when only at minimal use. Its 54-watt hour lithium-polymer battery totally gives MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) the extension to the life it needs. On the other hand, this is not friendly for the electric bill. 


  • Classy and Elegant but  Something’s Missing

Products from Apple are known to have the most stylish look. They deliver the best of the slim gadgets without sacrificing their functions, features and durability. It is covered with Apple’s signature metal look. It is available in only one color – classic silver. The only thing that is lacking with the MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) is the Retina Display. Apple has put this feature in many of its laptops and computers. It is so surprising that the MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) did not receive the same memo. The only adjustment that was made to please the eyes is the 720 megapixels per inch. This turns everything on the screen more beautiful when looked from afar. 

  • Not the Fastest at 2.6 GHz

The only fast function that the MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) can execute is to wake up from sleep. An owner can definitely rely on it when something’s missing from a report or a document or whatnot. Aside from that, everything seems slower. It is not powered by the usual Mac operating system. It works with Intel Core i5 processor.  This may be the latest from the famous Haswell processor brand but this is not enough. It can only store a total of 300 GB of data. This is the maximum that is available in the market. Usual high-end laptops are operating with 500 GB or 1 TB of memory.

The price of the MacBook Air 2013 (13-inch) is at 950 GBP for a 156 memory and 1500 GBP for its 300 GB of memory. This is already reasonable knowing that Apple is famous for overpricing their products.


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