The Sony SmartWatch2

Wayne Bond August 20, 2013 0
The Sony SmartWatch2

Sony, a reputable gadget-producing company, has revolutionized one of its products – the Sony SmartWatch. The SmartWatch2 did not receive the same number of negative comments unlike its expensive yet sloppy predecessor. It was last June but Sony moved the introduction on the 9th of September. This watch can work with 200 or more applications. There can be more of these because Sony gave access to app developers so they can put their new ideas on it. It works for as long as 7 days. Its watch is able to stay on even if the apps are no longer working. The Sony SmartWatch also flaunts its compatibility with Android phones. This feature undoubtedly became the magnet for a lot of customers. Below are the other characteristics why this watch is a great buy.

  • Highly Dependable Physical Features

With the right strap on, Sony SmartWatch2 can be worn on different occasions may it be formal or casual. The model comes with different-colored rubber straps. These straps are compatible with the others that are sold in any watch stand. This is a great advantage for those who find the default straps a bit boring. The plastic-pebbled finish from the previous Sony SmartWatch is replaced by aluminum. This means that it is less prone from wearing off. The only downside of this material is it is a bit heavier. The Sony SmartWatch looks elegant with its metallic finish and with a silver power button on its right side while a micro-USB connector used for charging on the other.


  • Well, Well, Well, It’s Waterproof!

The waterproof ability of the Sony SmartWatch 2 is only limited to 30 minutes. Also, it will not work when submerged deeper than a meter. For some, the depth and the time constraints do not really matter. They would just want it waterproof to prevent damages from water spills, splashes and whatnot. Who answers e-mails and calls underwater anyway? The Sony SmartWatch2 ability to work with water was the main feature that was lacking way back when its predecessor was introduced. Nobody gets to enjoy the watch under the rain or when simply washing the dishes or taking a bath.

  • Technically the Best in the Market

The iWatch from Sony’s rival company, Apple, is not yet under the radar. Even Samsung, another top-notch company for gadgets, is not yet up to release its own version of this watch. There are no signs of competitors in the market even up to this date. There are no other smartwatches that can oust it from the top. Technically, it is considered as the number one on the list because it only has one competitor – its predecessor. Even if this is the case, Sony pulled out a really great product out of it. There were fantastic features without increasing the price so it is not very surprising to see people getting their own piece.

Overall, this 200 Euro-worth watch is a good buy even when you already have the first SmartWatch because of its highly-improved features. It is a great updated version of the first generation Sony SmartWatch.


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