The Scorecards for the New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Wayne Bond August 21, 2013 0

Did the well-known gadget company, Samsung, live up the expectations for its newly released tablet? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is now available internationally. It is the freshest product from this manufacturer. Just this July, units are already shipped from all over the globe.  Critics started giving their verdict on its performance. Some say, that it falls somewhere between the capability of the Nexus 4 and the iPad Mini. Even its price shows the same. It is cheaper than the posh iPad Mini and more expensive than the Nexus 4. With all these comparisons, is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 really worth its 300 USD tag?

  • The Exact 8-Inch Tablet for Every Need

The size of this newest product from Samsung is its selling point.  People would even claim that they do not need a size smaller or larger than this one because the 8.0 screen size is the right and most fitting one. It has been the strength of the product. It is the perfect piece that completes the technology triad composed of a laptop and a smartphone. Also, a lot of people are wowed because it is ultra slim. Even Apple, a company famous for producing sleek-designed gadgets, did not make it at par with this one. The palms of the hands can easily grasp it with its texture and size.


  • Actually Better than the Galaxy S4

The newest smartphone from Samsung has overwhelming applications and features. It has the most advanced operating systems and chipsets, too. The software prowess of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly one of the finest in the market today. Imagine all these advantages being blown-up in an 8-inch screen. Reading a book, writing a document, playing games, and so many more activities from the Samsung Galaxy S4 are all here. The only thing that this tablet is not capable of is having and processing a SIM card. It cannot receive text messages but with a reliable Internet connection, everything is all set. Call and text messaging applications are easily downloaded.

  • Still in Disappointing Battery Life

Based on the records released by the company, the battery life of this tablet is usually at 8 hours. It can last for 3 days when not in use. However, most owners claim that this is not true. Others experience having severe problems with the battery of their new tablet. The worst thing that was reported is when its batteries were drained even when left in a stand-by mode. This problem is not new to the company. Most of the weaknesses from reviews and feedbacks are addressed to the battery life of their products, yet they still did not exert much effort to make it better. 

This new product from Samsung is great but it did not stun a lot of people. It blended with the typical characteristics of the existing 8-inch tablets. It did a great job in creating a really comfortable design but the company is expected to give more. At the end of the day, it is still not worthy to upgrade from the old tablets to this one.


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