Blackberry Z10 Now Has a Higher Price Than the Latest Iphone5 in the UK

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0

Blackberry is one smartphone brand that releases luxurious mobile such as the Blackberry Z10. They have been gaining a lot of publicity for previous models. Apparently, this time, it’s difficult for the company to dance with the high demand rate of other existing brands, especially in the United Kingdom. Blackberry Z10 is said to be the first release of the new series of Blackberry for smartphones. It offers a whole new experience in its features in social media, messaging, applications and office, too. It is also available with SIM packages or SIM-free units.

Blackberry Z10 Now Has a Higher Price Than the Latest Iphone5 in the UK

Analysts in the United Kingdom have been releasing reports that the Blackberry Z10 raised its price after the launching. This usually does not happen. Two large gadget stores in the United Kingdom have confirmed that it has risen in price and other changes in its packages. Namely, the Carphone Warehouse and Phone4us stores made some changes. Both actually have the same policies on purchasing the Smartphone which are as follows:

  • An increase of price from 479 to 549 GBP
  • SIM-free units are only available in outside stores, but still depend on its availability
  • Only with SIM package units are available online
  • Units for sale online all have contract packages

This is going to be a tough time for citizens to avail of the unit online since most of them would rather purchase a SIM-free unit, considering that it also has limited stocks in online stores.

A black market is being considered in Blackberry Z10’s status in sales. Two of the largest UK retailers used to have limits in customers to entertain. But a bulletin was released that these two UK retailers allowed to sell the unit to limitless numbers of customers. This could be a confirmation that sales are rough. Also to point out that its price went beyond iPhone 5’s, already after its launch.

Blackberry Z10 is also available on mobile operator stores. It seems that these operator stores are also having a hard time on its sales. It is estimated to release only 5-20 units a day and that is with contracts. It is quite obvious these sales have been made online or over the phone upgrades. These customers might have an existing line and decided to upgrade it anyway.  A fake conclusion for sell-out might be concluded when US feedbacks have been released. It was stated that the said smartphone is available in limited stocks.

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