LG Optimus F7: Championed America’s Vote With Its 100$ Tag

Wayne Bond August 22, 2013 0
LG Optimus F7: Championed America’s Vote With Its 100$ Tag

The 100$ tag on the LG Optimus F7 keeps the expectations for it at a low point. However, it exceeded a lot of what has been said about it. Its sales stats are soaring high because of its performance. It is now one of the most loved smartphones of people who are on a tight budget. LG proves that with their LG Optimus F7 great quality can go hand in hand with a floor – level price. There were no departments that suffered a drastic loss just because of its price tag. It does not have the best features but it surely has the basics that are expected on a smartphone. Some of its features that are sometimes questioned on how they got there are listed below.

Outstanding Aesthetics for 100 Bucks

The LG Optimus F7  has a fine plastic cover that is worth more than a 100 USD. However, its cover at the back has been brushed to give it a metallic look. It has rectangular edges that are smooth enough for the palm of the hand. Sometimes, they get slippery because they are so smooth. Its texture also leads it to accumulate more oily fingerprints. For some, it does not matter because it can easily be wiped away. It is only offered in plain black color. No other fancy versions were released. 


Fine with a Removable Battery and Memory Slot

Other smartphones never thought that a removable battery can be of a great advantage. They have moved on and made their batteries one with the unit. LG Optimus F7 works the old-school way. It still has the detachable batteries. This makes it very easy to buy one if the owner is not satisfied of its 8 hours of battery life. It has a reliable built-in memory but a 32 gigabyte memory card would still fit in its slot. This is a big yes for those who are craving for plenty of space. More and more files can be stored in it unlike the other smartphones in the market. 

Surprisingly Equipped with the Latest Systems

No other smartphone in the market is priced this low but has the Jelly Bean operating system. It also has one of the latest chipsets for Android phones. It works on a fairly fast Dual Core-1.5 GHz processor. Remember, that this is the same exact set-up for other smartphones that cost twice its price. The models Samsung S3 and iPhone 4s were built with this same exact set-up. It also has the reducing noise capability on its microphone. Its front and secondary cameras are at 8MP and 1.3MP respectively. Now, this is a jaw-dropping feature!  Other expensive phones cannot even reach the 5MP mark.

It is not so surprising to see skyrocket sales for the LG Optimus F7. This smartphone can totally be considered even if people are concerned with inflation, unemployment and other poverty issues.  This unit from the USA is a total package.  It is a precious gem at only 100 $.


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