The Ultimate Smart Camera With the Samsung Galaxy NX

Wayne Bond August 24, 2013 0

All the professional and amateur photographers out there can raise their glasses and make a toast because the Samsung Galaxy NX is here. This is the very first camera that is powered by Android. Do not get it wrong because this is more of a camera than a smartphone.  It is actually more advanced and more sophisticated than the DSLR and compact cameras that are out in the market. It works with less mirrors and interchangeable lenses. It can also be used manually and automatically. It can be a little harder to work with it at first but its shots look way better.

  • Floor Price for Better Specifications

This is the best combination a consumer can get. As much as possible, people do not want to shed the extra money for better camera functions. Samsung knew about this and made the Samsung Galaxy NX more budget-friendly. It is the cheapest and the most advanced smart camera at only 600$. The price is a bit high but this is already at its lowest compared to the others that cannot even compete with its specs. Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and other companies tried to beat it but they still cannot come up with the suitable operating system for their products.


  • Enhanced System for Resolution and Processing

Samsung did not put the Android operating system without making the entire unit compatible with it. This company did a great work in making every single application and command on the camera make sense.   It can actually work with 8 frames per second without any interruption. It can also capture games and other rigorous activities with its super fast 1/6000 shutter speed. Each and every photo taken can be dealt with its powerful 1.6 GHz processor and DRIMe IV image processor. These are two processors wrapped up. This has actually doubled the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Camera. They can be used simultaneously without having any problems. 

  • Supreme and Unexpected Versatility

This is the very first interchangeable-lenses camera from Samsung. It totally puts the other company’s designers into the edge of their seats because of its stunning built and speculations. This Korean company only shows that they can top others not just with smartphones, tablets and compact cameras. Some of its most unforgettable characteristics are; it is able to connect to a lot of Internet portals, it has a totally responsive touchscreen interface, and it is equipped with a whopping 20.3 megapixel default lens. All the photos are shown at a very comfortable 3.4 inch screen. Just imagine how easy it is to post-process with this so-called smart camera.

Samsung definitely had all its efforts into the production of this one. It is impressive. There are very minimal flaws that can be associated with it such as its bulky size and risky big touchscreen interface. However, all these problems may easily be eliminated if owners are careful enough. Also, there are screen covers and protectors that are available in the market. The grip can be enhanced by practicing with it for quite some time.


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