A Sneak Peak on the New Philips 42PFL6188S TV

Wayne Bond August 19, 2013 1
A Sneak Peak on the New Philips 42PFL6188S TV

Philips is a company that has already made an impact in designing and manufacturing televisions. This year, another fantastic product from this renowned company is born – the Philips 42PFL6188S. It is already out in the market for a relatively low price of 1000 Pounds. This is a 42-inch smart TV. It is capable of processing information from different sources. It works like a computer but it is still more like a television. This product is not new in this market. There are other companies that came before the Philips 42PFL6188S. Sony is one of the companies that first did it. Let us see how the company was able to make it a pretty big hit in the market. 

  • Head-Turning Slim Look

The days when televisions are the size of a cabinet are long gone. The Philips 42PFL6188S puts the exclamation point to that statement. The company was able to build it with extremely and ultimately thin corners. It can totally be considered the centerpiece of a home with its minimalist finish. This Smart TV does not look smooth when turned off. There is no chance that oily fingerprints are going to stick to it. The only downside of this eye-catchy design is that it accumulates dust fast. Daily maintenance is really needed to get away with the white substances that form on it. 


  • Not with the Latest Applications

Software is clearly the waterloo of this piece. It does not offer so many choices for its owners.  It works on the most basic system, too. Contrary to the other smart televisions in the market, the Philips 42PFL6188S is way behind in giving the best list of portals. However, the number of connections that it can get is still quite decent. It is still acceptable considering that it has a lower price compared to the others. At the end of the day, its hardware bangs everything that it lacks for its software. 3 USB ports are available at its back. Just imagine how many high-quality movies can be saved and watch through those holes. 

  • Inconsistency on the Processor

It is so surprising how Philips could mix up a mistake with another mistake. Its system is not top-notch but still it performs with a little delay at times. It tends to be a bit slow especially when there are a lot of data saved on it already. The only consolation it can give is that it performs really fast when it wants to be. It has built-in applications that connect easily given that you have a decent Internet connection. Its Skype can be used even from afar. Seeing loved ones from abroad is definitely lovelier with this smart television.

Clearly, the Philips 42PFL6188S is not the best in the market. However, there are still a lot to love about it. Its audio and video quality is totally worth every penny.  This was made even better by its Ambilight mood lighting setting. It is the best TV to have if top-notch viewing is all you need.


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