Kinect Will No Longer Require an Internet Connection Says Microsoft

Jasmina Lozevska August 15, 2013 0
Kinect Will No Longer Require an Internet Connection Says Microsoft

Few months before the official Xbox One launch for the public, Microsoft has something interesting to announce. Some gamers were against Microsoft’s new Kinect because it required an all-time Internet connection. Negative comments and reviews followed this innovation that caused the company to change the Kinect function in favor of its customers. This company has announced that the Kinect will no longer require an Internet Connection. This is totally opposite of what we first saw on this product.

The Xbox One was designed to shut down itself if you won’t connect it to the Internet at least once in 24 hours. This wasn’t received very well because the privacy of the gamers was in danger and it caused many questions. According to Marc Whitten, Microsoft’s product CEO, this gaming console will still ship with its Kinect camera version but the Internet connection will no longer be a must. He said this in an interview for IGN. He added that when you connect it online, this gaming console will still function even if the Kinect camera isn’t plugged in. You won’t be able to take advantage of any feature that uses the camera sensor.


When the Xbox One was launched, Microsoft has made this gaming console a full package and usable by anyone in the family. It was set to ship with both controller and Kinect. Back then, the company said that the Kinect controller and sensor have the ability to work together but the users will need to maintain an all time Internet connection. The latest reversal policy which followed the company has demanded removal of its Internet requirement which has shut down some of the Xbox One key features. It meant that if you don’t connect the device to Internet once in 24 hours, your offline single-player gaming would be shut down. This was such a letdown for all gamers who wanted to use their gaming console offline.

Whitten has mentioned that the Kinect can be turned off also if the users fear about their privacy and about the device collecting their personal information. He said that you can turn it off in your settings and when it’s set to off, the sensor won’t be able to react and collect information about you.
I guess all gamers will have more respect for the Xbox One now than they had when it was unveiled. Microsoft has said that this gaming console will be available on the market just before the holiday month.

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